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Avis des employés pour Shuttle Driver chez Volkswagen

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Great People, Great Job, Excellent Benifits.
Brantford Volkswagen is a great place to work.
I learned a lot while working in the wash bay and as a shuttle driver. I found a passion for detailing and driving all cars. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to drive all the newest cars and some off make vehicles as well.

My customer service skills were put to the test in the close quarters environment of the shuttle car. It can get very personal very quickly. When the TDI emissions situation occurred, I endured many complaints and aggressive attitudes. But I was always able to diffuse the situation and offer a positive spin on things.If not, I would change the subject all together. I would always strive to be on time and take the best routes. If I was unsure on a route I would ask the customer for their opinion. I feel they appreciated being involved. Picking up and dropping multiple people off was a challenge, but was always solved with communication and knowledge of the city streets and local businesses.

Washing cars for 8-10 hours a day may be an unbearable thought, but once you get in their and you see the before and after results, the satisfaction keeps you going.

Occasionally the main Detail Technician would go on vacation, this would give me plenty of time to take on some detail work in between shuttle driving. I really enjoyed the before and after and will continue to pursue the skill of detailing vehicles.

The fellow employees all work together to solve problems, I found the group to be friendly and fun to spend the days with.

The management is top notch, I was very impressed. The three owners work along
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Drive new cars, great people, challenging but satisfying, good solid hours.
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Risk of Damage to cars. Drive slow and safe. Dress for the weather. Keep your feet dry.
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