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4,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great place to learn and challenge yourself

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Pros:- Flexible work hours- Opportunity to learn multiple roles and take on new challenges- Dedicated professional development time every week- Weekly lunch n learn presentations- Monthly social activitiesCons:- Would be nice to have the option to work from home one day a week
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Positive experience

Company is invested in employees - professional development and one-on-one coaching a huge plus.Lots of opportunity for growth - encouraged to take on more responsibility.Good communication - daily updates and quarterly company reviews, quarterly in-depth employee review.Coworkers and management are all respectful, thoughtful... good group of people.Easy to focus and get things done - clear instructions, clean and quiet workspaces with few disruptions.Amazingly flexibile hours/vacation!Starting wage seemed on the low side, but increased quickly.
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Great place to learn and grow

Vizzion is a great place to work if you are looking for a supportive environment with great flexibility and room for growth. I have good work-life balance, and am part of a very collaborative, respectful team, who are always open to support and help you.

Points positifs

Location of the office is great, Flexible hours - don't feel tied down to my desk, Weekly Lunch and Learns, Lots of support to encourage learning and development, Employees are approachable, Professional Development time to focus on independent study, Monthly social activities and team building

Points négatifs

None at the moment
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Nice environment and a place for career growth.

Respectful environment and intelligent, kind people. It is a great place for personal and career growth.Quiet office, so, being able to focus on work is not an issue.
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Flexible work hours and great co-workers

Pros:Quiet workspace.Co-workers are respectful and supportive.Flexible work hours and vacation.4-hour of professional development time every week.Fun learning opportunities through weekly Lunch and Learns. This is also a great way to improve public speaking skills, as we take turns to share what we have learned every few months. Personally, it has made presentations less scary for me.Cons:Office is located on the North Shore so delays occasionally occur. Additionally, public transit commuters from the other side may need to rely on multiple buses.
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Good People

Pros:Great co-workers.Flexible work hours.Professional development time every Friday afternoon.Leaders are willing to listen and open to new ideas for improving work processes.Nice office chair.Cons:Have to work with poorly-organized legacy code.Due to the nature of small business, your supervisor may be highly involved in your daily activities.
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Great small company to make a big difference in

ProsThis was a fantastic co-op experience and was one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever had. Compared to my last co-op position, I felt like I learned so much and accomplished so much in just the 4-months I was here. I really enjoyed the start-up environment and the motivation everyone has to innovate and find ways to improve Vizzion at every level from marketing materials to products. I think flexible work hours are great, especially as someone who works best in the morning and likes to take off for longer lunch breaks to workout. I feel like these things all led to me being a more productive and efficient worker throughout the day. Things like morning stand-ups and Lunch N’ Learns also gave me an opportunity to feel a connection to what my co-workers around me were doing and to learn more about the software development side of things.ConsThere are a lot of great people that work here and I wish there were more social events and team building exercises that would have allowed me to connect with everyone here and take full advantage of the office environment.
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great place to learn and grow

- exposed to various aspects of an IT business- opportunities to learn new things and develop new skills- quarterly evaluations to help track your professional growth- flex work hours

Points positifs

weekly lunch and learns

Points négatifs

none at the moment
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Good place to learn and gain experience

Work closely with some of the top companies in the world in many verticals.Small company; see the impacts of your efforts and you can change anything that isn't working -- engineering approach to everything: measure, analyze, change.Wear many hats and interface with/learn about marketing, sales, product management, customer service, development, quality processes, etc.

Points positifs

See a cross-section of a small software company and learn how everything works together, see the impact of your work, travel

Points négatifs

Quiet office
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Difficult workspace with unsupportive culture

The workplace culture at Vizzion was hostile while I was there. Employees were discouraged from interacting with each other in any way, even off-site. Micromanagement was everywhere, including tallying small spelling errors in internal emails and monitoring how much you use the team chat. I appreciated the flexible hours, but realistically you were expected to be in during typical business hours. Sick days were encouraged to be WFH days, and although WFH was offered (pre-pandemic), management discouraged me from using it and would imply that I wasn't doing real work at home. The turnover at this place is quite high except for management and there is a great reason for that.

Points positifs

Free lunch once per week

Points négatifs

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Réponse officielle de Vizzion

25 août 2022
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. My name is Sydney and I’m the HR Manager at Vizzion. It looks like you left Vizzion more than three years ago, so the company has grown a lot and no doubt changed in many ways since that time, nonetheless I’m keen to respond to your concerns. Our goal is to give our team members the best work experience they’ve ever had, and the best opportunity to succeed, and clearly that didn’t happen in your case.As a company, we value our company culture and actively encourage all our employees to increase their interaction with one another, whether by email, messaging apps, or in-person. We hold regular social events and team building activities to further encourage interaction. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed one of Vizzion’s major benefits – the flexible hours. We ask our team members to work between 1,560 and 2,080 hours annually, and these hours can be completed at any time during our regular office hours (7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday). As for WFH, we currently do not offer this as an option, nor did we prior to the pandemic, so I’m unsure what policy you refer to there. We value employee health, and certainly encourage sick employees to rest and recover, not work.As a company invested in building a strong team, our leadership team offers more help and coaching to those who need it, and are hands-off for those who don’t. As for turnover, while ours is less than half the software industry average, of course we’d always like it to be lower and actively look for ways to do so.If you would like to, I’d welcome the opportunity - 

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