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Typical day at work started with inspecting oxygen tanks, checking for annual dates and condition of tanks. Venting any excess oxygen out of tank. Roughly 2 people on team would inspect 1300 tanks a day. And then loading and unloading oxygen tanks from a racking system when the tanks were filled. Unloading delivery trucks into warehouse, sending material out. This same process continued roughly 15 times every shift. So we were basically running a repetitive system over and over with little to no variability. Plenty of paperwork to fill out as you are under the eye of health Canada, so you must dot every "I" and cross every "T" on your paperwork or there are consequences. You are working in a small team environment with roughly 5 other people. And when one person is on vacation your daily quota is the same as when all 5 people were there. And if someone is on vacation and someone else is sick your daily quota is the same as if all 5 people were there because your providing healthcare products that must be delivered. Your probably lifting 1000's of pounds of material every shift and doing allot of repetitive lifting. So if your physically strong and like repetitive tasks and can handle working with the same people in the same location every day then go for it. Another difficult part of the job was when someone else quits you could/ will be expected to cover for that person and do most of their work for months at a time, until they hire a replacement. Consistent year round work due to medical needs provided good job security. Good luck getting a raise, - plus...
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