Vita Community Living Services & Mens Sana Families for Mental Health
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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Poorly compensated for the work being done at Vita. Working with alot of under qualified people also which becomes very frustrating. Moving up to become a supervisor isn't even worth the pay as they are over worked. If you want to never see your family and not be appreciated then work for Vita.

Points positifs

Benefits package

Points négatifs

Long hours / no appreciation
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Very poor nothing for clients to do

Very disappointed a lot of overturn always working with different agency staff who are new to the field and are not helpful most times your doing all the work very stressful environment.

Points positifs

Going home at the end of your shift.

Points négatifs

To many agency staff and at this time you don’t know who has Covid.
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Fun job location with good team members.

*My first night at work was a night of test from my members that i was to care for, experience and tolerance saw me through it.* I learnt to accommodate and be more serious with my job.* Job that requires skills and dedications.* Working with members/client that makes you grow mentally & intellectually

Points négatifs

Long hours night shifts.
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Enjoyed working w clientsl

A great work experience. Lots of opportunities to grow and enhance personally and professionally. Need better job screening and supervision to attract team players and a willingness to learn and grow collaboratively. I worked pt and one year full time as lead house head for almost 9 yrs.

Points positifs

Continued training

Points négatifs

Working w Non committed staff members
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Great pleace to work

A fast-paced work environment and definitely a great place to learn and grow. Management is friendly and helpful. Working at Vita will expose you to a lot of work-related challenges, which will make you further develop and extend your horizons as a professional. I love what I do at Vita and will continue to contribute to our community.
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Great working Environment

Great working Environment at Vita Community Living Services Work as a recruiter, alongside with Human resource practices with the Vita Community Living.
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Great place to work

Fast paced environment. Great culture . Management is supportive. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Everyone is focused on supporting members as job #1
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It was a great environment to work

Great management with great staffs including members. You decide and make decision during your shift. The hours was flexible unless you more hours they were always short of staffs

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Long hours with less pay
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Best Place to work

• Adaptability and Change • Continuous improvement and innovation • Customer Service focus • Teamwork • Long-Term Care • Accountability, • Documentation • Interdisciplinary team collaboration • Palliative Care • Care plan Development • First Aid and CPR/AED Level C, WHMIS • CPI and Safe Management
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enjoyable workplace

Residential , program based, data collection, behavioural consulting, review and discuss planned outing events. Review and discuss goals for achievement with multi-disciplinary team
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Vita Community Living is a fun place to work

I love working at Vita because every day is different you never get bored. There is always something to do and something new to expect and hear. The clients look forward to be there everyday and they are all unique and different in their own way. They hardest part of the job is if one of the clients are not satisfied with their accomplishment for that day then they sometimes go home sad even though you try to encourage them. One of my funnest part of the job is when we take them out on field trips they always look forward to go on trips and visiting new places. Overall this job is very interesting and fun.
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Entry level

It was a good entry level job for those who just finish school and they train you for experienced level jobs. It is a job that if you are willing to settle down until retirement, it is good for you.
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Great place to grow, learned many things throughout the years at VIta. Management very supportive with helping growth within the company. Thankful for everything iv'e learned
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Absolutely awesome!

The staff working behind the curtain are absolutely amazing people. All of them are people we don't deserve (just kidding). The job itself is terrifically balanced with the work load and requirements.

Points positifs

Independant, Unique, Fun, Socially positive

Points négatifs

Hardly any, Gas millage, benefits
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Management inclusion with staff and members is excellent

Vita has one of the best Insurance Benefit package for staff, though the salary is not very competitive compare with similar Agences, within same sector.

Points positifs

Good Benefit
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Productive and a good environment

Nice and friendly environment with good staff. I have learnt how to manage the individual very well. Everybody work together to achieve our goal for the day or the shift period
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Productive and fun workplace.

Great place to work. Vita really values their members and continuously invests in the growth of their employees. Management is great and very supportive.
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different programs have different outlook

Great place to start off your career. All necessary training will be provided with refreshers on an annual basis. This is a stepping block to allow you to grow sector wide.

Points positifs

many departments to move to

Points négatifs

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ability to gain necessary work experience

A great place to gain experience especially in terms of getting to work with different types of individuals. A typical day here involves various tasks that vary day to day based on the days agenda.
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Vocational setting

Vocational setting with individuals with disabilities Applied programs Assisted in program planning Prepared programs for next day Involved in directers meetings
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cooperation on the part of the both employer and the employee

Team work and good staff. Cooperation on the part of the employer and the employee. accessable of the venue. good environment and availability of necessary equipment to work

Points positifs

job satisfaction

Points négatifs

good shift
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