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Distinct and serious work with appropriate compensation and satisfaction at days end.

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What is the best part of working at the company?Opportunity to learn new skills, paid training and paid travel What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Time sensitive tasks, overdue pressures What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Intimate. Small location based yards with a family feel within the group.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Pressured. Hectic but fulfilling when completed.
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Great company to work for

I've worked for the company for a year and a half. The team is very knowledgeable, nice and helpful.Felt like family. Option to work at the office or from home. Flexible when it comes to work and personal life balance.

Points positifs

Friendly environment

Points négatifs

Fast pace- Changes
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Great people and corporate culture

Great place to work. Excellent support. Very inclusive, and a very collaborative place to learn and to grow. Company has a great appreciation for the people who work there.
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Open culture place. Good for new graduates from engineering and GIS division. Flexibility is good.
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Worst company to work for my start time was 10am I showed up at 8 everyday and got fired for showing up at 9 one morning because I was "late" would never recommend this company to anyone
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Endured persistence breeds Success!

I joined this company in the midst of its' troubled time but since then they've done a complete 180. A mix of new and pre-existing competent and experienced staff are huge assets in this. Vistacare is on track with the brunt of their obligations and steadily continue strive to improve. Workloads are entirely reasonable and compensation is on par.
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Bunch of Scabs

This place is filled with scab labour. Needs to be unionized. Management doesnt know anything about what goes on in the field, all they think about is how much cable can be placed everyday and dont care about safety. Avoid this clown show

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Great bunch of people ,great job if you love the outdoors and get to travel and see difference places equipment taken care and easy to understand what’s going on for your task

Points positifs

Everyone’s great to work with
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big bad joke

management was a joke, worse company i have been at as far as getting people out the door, we would be hanging around from 7 AM to 10 some days with still no direction, no one was happy there due to mismanagement!
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Good place to work

Great Co workers, the supervisors were fair and easy to talk to, they offer a good work/life balance, pay was good, hardest part of the job at first was travelling
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Horrid company

They do not pay on time, the communication between management and employee is non existent. Upper management has no idea about their own protcol. Very poorly run, extremely disorganized, and very vindictive to employees who stand up for their own safety.
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a very good job too be in. if a person like to travel around. this company moves around a lot. across Canada. digging holes in the ground with a drill set etc. and one has to put the fibre optics in the ground
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Horrible Place To Work

I can't believe this place is still allowed to have employees. Their managers will have you working night shifts and then pester you to go out to locations 2 hours away on your own during the day and not allow you to book the hours. The company seems to take any contract they can get without fully understanding what they have signed, then they leave the workers/contractors holding the bag. . Many of my friends were screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars doing contractor work, and VISTA care has no intent to pay. If you're a young person looking for work, please move on because there is better out there for you.
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Okay place to work

VistaCare is a good place to work when you are on the road. They fly you to and from the town you work in and put you up in nice houses if you are going to be there for a while. The benifits are okay. The perduim is what makes your check look heathy.
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You may want to reconsider

Was super unappreciated during my time at vistacare. You're over worked and rushed all day, when you know you did well that day the boss will find some reason to tear you down. Very poorly managed you never know what you're getting yourself into. Benefits looked great and you have all this equipment lent to you and never get to show your worth.
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Poorly run

This company sent me on the road multiple times and every time I either didn’t get a per diem because my manager forgot to enter us into the system . I had to walk an hour to my hotel in the rain after working 16 hours because they didn’t have enough vehicles to go around. That’s just the managers. Go up higher In the chain of command and it’s a mess. One of the owners was cooking their books and as a result they are now under creditor protection . They no longer have a RRSP matching plan and more than likely will fold and bleed their employees dry in the process
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Excellent employer

Vistacare is good company to work for. A typical day always had a manageable amount of work involved and there was a good feeling of teamwork amongst coworkers. They compensate well and they have a lot of work opportunities across the country. I learned a lot and made good connections with others on the telecommunications field.

Points positifs

Very competitive compensation, good work environment, teamwork approach

Points négatifs

Travel required, time away from home.
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Excellent !

Great Employer. Staff and management were very professional, and employee focused. Great location in Bedford, with flexible working environment. Overall 10-10.

Points positifs

Location / Excellent Working Environment / Flexible Hours

Points négatifs

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Management wanted office staff to work overtime without being paid for it because you are salaried. This is against employment rules. If you work more than a week’s worth of hours, you should be entitled to bonus pay. If you make one mistake, you are let go. There is no incentive to work extra for them. No bonuses, no time banked to use for time off.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Overworked and under paid
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Fast paced place to work. Great atmosphere.

I've been with the company for a few years now and figured its now time to give an honest opinion of the company as I see it. There have been some growing pains over the past few years which is to be expected with a company that has grown as fast as Vistacare has... and there is bound to be mistakes made. Yes, I am part of the rapid expansion that has taken place. I have been more than impressed with the management team and their willingness to give us as much information as possible, the good, the bad and the ugly. I have never been part of a "team" like this before... everyone helps everyone. There is no drama... back stabbing or someone trying to ahead of the next person. Its a team of people all pulling on the same rope to get this massive machine over the next mountain. It has been a great experience working with this team and I look forward to many years to come.

Points positifs

Excellent staff, Owners/Management involvement

Points négatifs

Not really a con.... but growing pains
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Working outside in the outdoors. Must be willing to relocate. Money was fantastic with overtime espically for my crew, but you are never home which causes a work/life balance issue.

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Points négatifs

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