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What is the company culture at VIPKID?

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  • There are thousands of angry teachers, some of whom are quitting because of the large wage decrease in May 2020.

  • VIPKID wants teachers who are interested in building relationships with their students. This is more than just a job; sure it pays well, etc... but as a new teacher, you will be encouraged to build rapport with your students, make friends and teach a FUN class. It really is enjoyable work and many teachers have expressed that they love what they get to do each morning!

  • Very supportive. It's hard to meet your fellow colleagues though if you are not active in Facebook or their Hutong page.

  • I teach for VIPKID and although I’ve never visited the headquarters in China, or had face to face contact with any of the other staff (aside from the interview teachers) I truly feel like I’m part of a team. Teachers are valued and rewarded at VIPKID. The website provides information about VIPKID, the principles of VIPKID, and keeps you up to date on company happenings.

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  1. What is the company culture at VIPKID?