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22 questions

There are thousands of angry teachers, some of whom are quitting because of the large wage decrease in May 2020.

Réponse du 20 juin 2020

Yes, very. But bookings aren't guaranteed when you return.

Réponse du 29 juin 2020

You need a hiring freeze! Stop hiring teachers and stop advertising for teachers you don't need.

Réponse du 20 juin 2020

Yes, teaching experience is mandatory now. These requirements will only get tighter as time goes on too. The company is looking to be the most reputable in online education.

Réponse du 4 juillet 2019

Long, tedious but staff are responsive until they decide they no longer want you, which is when they no longer reply emails and your account gets blocked. That's how you know you have failed the interview.

Réponse du 10 septembre 2019

Lots of community builders, great pay, flexible schedules, incentives, competitions.

Réponse du 4 juillet 2018

It is easy to get an interview. You can message a current VIPKID teacher like me, for more details on how to get and pass the vipkid interview. I completed the interview process, was hired, and was teaching in less than one week.

Réponse du 25 octobre 2017
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