VIA Rail
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What is the company culture at VIA Rail?

8 réponses

No culture is a racism snd bullying environment.Vancouver station should close.Is very pathetic and worst management ever.

It’s good to be here,we’re protected by the union,more benefits,opportunity will followed,family nenefits.

I believe it is a good company.

From the answers above, they are probably expecting a good days work for a good days pay and full benefits. Shameful. If I were you I would quit.

Worst compagnie ever the are all protected by the Union so can do whatever the want with u dump compagnie who deserve no respect.

Worst compagnie full of bully and racism. Bad management and everyone is protected by the union so they cannot do anything. The prefer hire racism immigrant that actual Canadiens. Shame on this compagnie and shame on us to use and pay for this compagnie

Not good. Slave trades and unnecessary investigations. People get fired once they use you up

Toxic and stressful

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