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treat their employees with no respect.

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i loved the job for the first month. after that i had coworkers call me names managers making my pay late as a punishment. not okay. very toxic. wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

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free or discounted food

Points négatifs

rude coworkers mean managers.
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This Job Ruined My Life

If you want an abusive boss, unlikable coworkers, illegal underpay, and your spirit to break, this place is for you! Working here destroyed my life for almost a year. These places are franchised so this is not for every Via Cibo but it's one that is notoriously the worst rated one in Calgary.I was a server here and would work almost everyday of the week. The worst days were the ones when the part-owner would come in and verbally abuse all his employees. I'm talking literal insults and yelling. We were always understaffed so there would be only one server and two cooks working at a time. It would get crazy busy and your life would be over if you made one small mistake. I've developed a fear of making mistakes in the workplace along with a fear of asking for help from my coworkers because of this place. Even if you were 100% right about something like spelling, the boss will decide he's right no matter how much proof you show him. If there was a single crumb on a shelf you'd be yelled at.That's not the worst part though. I was allowed to keep tips maybe four times total, and 3/4 times it was only $5. This isn't like a normal restaurant, but you're still serving and working hard enough to deserve the tips you make. My boss would also make us clock-out early while we kept working. Literally getting less than minimum wage for extra stress. My boss, a single childless man, told me, a struggling female student, that I don't deserve full pay because I don't have a husband and kids yet. WHAT?I don't fully blame my unlikable co-workers because I know a lot of them felt the same - 

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I got free food a few times

Points négatifs

Literally everything else
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fun place to work

I love working at VIA CIBO its is a really great company , they have great management and great higher management as well everyone who works here is treated like family

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Points négatifs

extremely fast paced
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Not worth it

Really short hours No breaks Mediocre/ over priced food Managers are visibly unqualified and inexperienced Unfair pay It's definitely not worth it.
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