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Server/Cashier4 avis
Canada4 avis

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I am a former employee, this place is the worst place to work at.... It's very slow and you give the owners your tips every time you work and they split it up with out making it mandatory for you to track them and they pool everyone's tips so even if you track yours there is no information on everyone's tips so you could and are getting ripped off. Took them a month and a half to give me my first tips and it was devistatling under 100.00. They are dishonest and will waste your time they given you kitchen side duties and janitor duties make you work for minimum wage and screw up your tips. Management was very disorganized and a lot of people were emotionally unstable crying during shifts because of managers miss treating them. Not very professional. -1/5 review . Don't waste your time.

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Worst job I ever had

If I had a genie in a lamp I would use 1 wish to prevent myself from ever applying and the other 2 to keep all other people on earth from applying. But the best I can do is this review. I received less than 5% of my tips because they were "pooled" and the managment was utter garbage.
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Not the same place anymore

Ever since the new owner the place has gone to cr*p. Don't apply unless you like mouldy food, horrible health practices, a snake of an owner, and running the risk of killing someone. Cheers!
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Loved this place

was awesome to work at, loved all my coworkers. Management was lovely. I love the food here. Everything about working here was awesome, would go back in a heartbeat
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