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Cook/Dishwasher2 avis
Canada2 avis

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2,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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ok for entry job into service industry in front of house

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CONS many split shifts for Front of House and Back of House. entire days taken up for perhaps 6 hours work total. Shifts often cut early, so you can work for 1 hour and wait all day to work 3 more. Upper management expects employees to attend mandatory free meetings. benefits are none unless you're management, and wages are extremely low, but there are tips advancement is almost nothing. they promote females much more than males managers and chefs are good but overworked by upper management, which does not like to staff the restaurant adequately because of the cost of labour. upper management does not regard any input or ideas from non-management staff. PROS the chef makes very good menus, cares about customers and is professional. back of house gets tips as well as front of house OVERALL employees have low morale and not many opportunities to advance hours are unpredictable all in all, a good place to learn the basics of italian cooking for back of house and learn serving and customer service for front of house. it's alright if the person is promoted but expect to be overworked as a salaried manager

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good to learn basics

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hours cut and negative company culture
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Terrible Job - Don't waste your time

Job Work/Life Balance: -Hours are terrible. Sometimes you'll come in on a slow day, work for 2 hrs, get a 2-3 hr break, then have to work again for maybe 2 hrs. -Managers are under qualified. Usually slack off and pretend to walk around, or get frustrated and panic easily during a rush or a problem. -Managers will lie and make false promises to get you to do things. Salary/Benefits: -Servers can't keep their own individual tips. BOH receives a good portion compared to other jobs (its an even pool that is distributed based on hours). -Servers are paid less (which is weird with the way tips are done). -They think $14/hr is way too much for a BOH worker. Job Security/Advancement: -Never going to get a real promotion. They may train you multiple stations, but don't think you're going to get a good promotion or pay raise. -If you have any problems with management your hours will be dropped to 0 (has happened to myself and multiple past employees) yet they wont fire you. -If you try to take anytime off, or anything to change the schedule, they will try to "punish" you by making your next schedule have almost no hours. -They don't know how to make a schedule at all. Takes them about 4 days to do it, and yet they still will schedule people on multiple days where they're not available. Additionally they'll still expect you to work it even though it's their fault for messing up the schedule. Management: -Absolutely terrible. Inexperienced, and terrible work ethic. -Will slack off constantly yet pretend to be doing work. -Will set unrealistically high expectations - 

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Tips are good for BOH.

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Servers dont keep their tips, Paying for Food, Management is terrible
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