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If you want to learn basic italian cooking, as a first kitchen job, or learn front of house. ok entry level job
Réponse du 26 août 2018
Nothing offensive
Réponse du 5 mai 2017
Availability, experience, why you want to work there
Réponse du 5 mai 2017
They take your tips, pool them, don't track them/post the numbers up.... so you can't know if your getting the proper % . And you get ripped off every time. First pay check took 1.5 months
Réponse du 26 juillet 2020
Everyone is super nice, trying to find someone to help you might be hard cause making sure back up's are perfect is chaotic. I found myself having to cook, prep and back up all at the same time.
Réponse du 1 août 2019
Don’t waste your time run far away from them
Réponse du 12 février 2019
Apparently they don't require it for the management.
Réponse du 7 novembre 2018
You don't get vacation they are too u overstaffed cause people leave every week.
Réponse du 7 novembre 2018
At the beginning i worked 5 days a week all night
Réponse du 26 août 2018
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