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    11 à 50
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    Restaurants et cafés
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Food Preparation & Service


Line Cook/Prep Cook (Calgary, AB)
le 1 août 2019
Not bad to get started in the industry
You'll learn about speed, cleanliness, multitasking and how to work under time frames. That's really about it though. There's not much room for advancement as company is trying to save as much as possible. So don't expect a raise unless you do something to save the company some $$$. The pay is not amazing. During the interview I was told that with the more responsibility i took I would get paid more. I haven't seen any of that and I've been crosstrained on every single station. The owner and GM take most of the tips, as this is not an "actual restaurant". They give tips based off of hours, it can range from $0.50 to $2.00 an hour depending on how well they thought you did that month. Work/life balance? Nope. None of that. Some of my coworkers were working full day shifts (11:00-22:00), with a 1-3 hour break. *With no OT*. For 6 days straight! WHAT! They are always so understaffed, it's almost impossible to call in sick because everyone who can cover your shift is already working or they can't because they've already worked or are going to be working 6 days already. Kitchen was very unorganized, at least the one I worked at. The GM had his own system that everyone had to follow, the hard part was that it was all in his head and he would tell you verbally or had to remind you. There was no organization there at all. I had to keep a notebook to write down all the procedures. Learning to multitask will help you a lot here, as they don't give you any time to prep or back up. I found a lot of the times that I had to cook my food, prep, and make sure I had back up's for the next rush all at the same time. It's crazy but I got used to it. Tip: keep a pen and paper on you at all times. You might get lost in the chaos. Shifts are the entire day, 11am - 10pm. Breaks were 3 hours long in the middle of the day. So that wasnt all bad. A lot of the cooks were taught recipes through some sort of telephone game, the people teaching the dishes only half understood what they were doing. If you want to work here make sure to read the recipe book! Note: I wasn't shown a recipe book, I had to dig through a bunch shelves to find them. I found out that many of the cooks were cooking the food not according to the recipe. If you are a self learner then this might be the place for you to get your toes wet in the restaurant industry, as you will be working with a bunch of "fresh" ingredients. Orders must be out within about a 10 minute frame, as this is more of a quality fast food joint, so finding a way to be the most efficient without compromising quality will be your hardest challenge. This is definitely not a bad place to work. If you want to become a chef, as soon as you learn all the stations, you should probably move on. This place is quite recognized by other employers. Good luck
Part-Time Server (Calgary, AB)
le 15 novembre 2021
This Job Ruined My Life
If you want an abusive boss, unlikable coworkers, illegal underpay, and your spirit to break, this place is for you! Working here destroyed my life for almost a year. These places are franchised so this is not for every Via Cibo but it's one that is notoriously the worst rated one in Calgary.I was a server here and would work almost everyday of the week. The worst days were the ones when the part-owner would come in and verbally abuse all his employees. I'm talking literal insults and yelling. We were always understaffed so there would be only one server and two cooks working at a time. It would get crazy busy and your life would be over if you made one small mistake. I've developed a fear of making mistakes in the workplace along with a fear of asking for help from my coworkers because of this place. Even if you were 100% right about something like spelling, the boss will decide he's right no matter how much proof you show him. If there was a single crumb on a shelf you'd be yelled at.That's not the worst part though. I was allowed to keep tips maybe four times total, and 3/4 times it was only $5. This isn't like a normal restaurant, but you're still serving and working hard enough to deserve the tips you make. My boss would also make us clock-out early while we kept working. Literally getting less than minimum wage for extra stress. My boss, a single childless man, told me, a struggling female student, that I don't deserve full pay because I don't have a husband and kids yet. WHAT?I don't fully blame my unlikable co-workers because I know a lot of them felt the same way as me but the boss would pin us against each other. He openly gossiped with his favourites, but his favourites were not immune to his gossip either. If you defended a co-worker you'd be equally guilty even if neither of you did anything wrong. My boss would quote: "protecting them will get you nowhere in life." There were a few loyal brown-nosers that would do their best to get others in trouble to build themselves up. They were not exempt from the abuse and would often get the verbal abuse worse because they earned higher expectations for themselves. Honesty and selflessness would get you punished in that place. I felt isolated and was gas lighted every single day that I worked.If you have an interview coming up, be very wary of the process. If you feel like the interviewer is getting too personal and the questions are uncomfortable; RUN. It's probably the man I'm talking about. A job is important but not when you’re underpaid, emotionally abused, and feel alone. I wish you all the best in your job search and strongly encourage you to avoid this place.
Food Counter Attendant (Sherwood Park, AB)
le 25 octobre 2020
Unprofessional Management
Poor Management no proper break.. you get paid late most of the time.. they don't value their employees.. no benefits, no race.. don't expect any career growth.
Host/ Waitress/ Cashier (North York, ON)
le 25 août 2020
I loved everything about working there except the manger
The manager was often slacking and untrustworthy. The manager often took advantage of their employees by putting their responsibilities on the employees under them without a justified raise or promotions. Other than the manager, it was lovely working there.
Food and Beverage Supervisor (Toronto, ON)
le 4 août 2020
nice work environtment
Coordinated optimal guest relations from initial contact through final check-out to boost satisfaction and brand loyalty. * Coordinated preparation of customer meals and monitored food handling for safety purposes. * Maintained operations in full compliance with alcohol service standards and legal requirements to prevent incidents of overserving or underage drinking. * Completed regular line checks to maximize quality assurance. * Kept kitchen clean, neat and sanitized by implementing surface and equipment schedules and standards. * Reconciled daily transactions, balanced cash registers and deposited the restaurant's earnings at bank. * Revamped and motivated kitchen staff to be highly efficient and produce consistent quality.

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