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Direction qui change continuellement ainsi que la procédure de travail

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Salaire et temps supplémentaires

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Mauvaise gestion
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Proceed with caution

Its a workplace that is plauged with union politics. Most of the senior employees feel they dont have to work due to seniority and push tasks on younger hires. Then they lay you off after 3 months to avoid paying benefits

Points positifs

Not many

Points négatifs

Union politics
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Productive, Receiving/delivery in timely manner, Good teams

Working at Versacold is Competative, Good Management, Easy to communicate with Piers , Excellent benefits. All staff in plant are always encouraged to maintained open lines of Communications to cultivate effective working relationship. They always recognize good performance and accomplishments.

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Excellent workplace to work with.

VersaCold is an excellent workplace to work with. Before, We have a lot and full of workloads every day.People around me especially my co-workers are very approachable and well friendly. Easy to get along with others. Even seems that we're been a little bit tired, still we are enjoying and having fun with each other while working. Mostly, we worked more hours than our regular time. I love working overtime because it adds extra money to my income. I am a hardworking guy as you know. But nowadays, I'm sorry to tell you that we are now slowed down because of this pandemic. Our workload cut down. I do not get any more my regular hour complete. Always under time.I am looking forward to finding a part-time job to sustain my daily needs.

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Now a days, mostly under time
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There is a reason the company is called VersaCOLD

They will promise you full time instead of seasonal work. After 720 hours of probation you make it into union. If you work hard and pick above standard everyday and don't take any breaks then at 719 hours you will be fired because you are deemed unfit for the company. I'm not sure which is colder the freezer or the management.

Points positifs

Good starting pay. Good co workers. Work is light for a warehouse.

Points négatifs

Union and management always butting heads. Unclear job security in the future.
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toxic management.

lazy,liars,.back stabbers, incompetent, thieves, RACISTS. the upper management hasn't got a clue as to running a company that should turn a profit yearly. the vast majority of supervisors are totally incompetent and will let their special friends get away with doing little to no work.the company attitude is us against the union worker, look in the mirror your'e the start of the problem but will never accept this statement.

Points positifs

pay, benefits because of union collective

Points négatifs

the review above says it all.
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Very Backstabbing Place to work in, do your job and go home.

Under paid and frequent change of management. Supervisors and manager has no authority with all union employees so, a lot of the blame falls down on the office people which has no union. Day & Evening Shifts looks so stressful to work in. Personally I would never work those Shifts. I loved working the Night Shift since I was by myself in the Office which made me also took on the job of a supervisor and the manager. I had no backup to help me with my work even if i needed it, No one would answer my call in case of a emergency...

Points positifs

Decent Salary with Benefits and Free Coffee?...

Points négatifs

Awful Management.
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Loved working here

The crews were great people to work with and the training was excellent. They helped you out in a pinch if you were falling behind. The hours were flexible enough for me at a time when my schedule was really busy with other concerns and they worked with me to accumulate hours.
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Management is poor

Warehouse managers and Versacold Logistics managers have done a very poor job of successfully running a building. Communication from management is slim to none which creates a negative culture and atmosphere. Pay and benefits are good.
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Overall is Good! 4 stars

People here are really helping hands,to make you feel better and good to do your work, duty wise is fair enough, salary is really good for me...overall 4 stars....
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Trop froid Salaire très faible conte tenue le montant de palettes .. qu’on devrais faire
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Its a great place to work

Competitive salaries and nice working environment safe at work. Great benefits and union environment, and not at all a stressful job takes care about everything and all t
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Using of ELD making drivers more comfortable with hours of service, good trailers with disc brakes and well maintained equipment also very friendly dispatchers like Alison is good enough to have a trips with zero streess For drivers
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Been there too long

Good place for students Cold environment (-25 c) Job can be tough at times Forced overtime on busy season Good benefits If newbies are hired, in the long run salaries goes up fast but for us who've been there for awhile , the same doesn't apply Management changes every 3-4 years
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Lots of overtime

Pros: Operating lots of machines and getting trained in house with lots of overtime and good job security Cons: working in -25 degree Celsius environments with repetitive labor
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Fun workplace

Friendly working environment, you get the good pay and benefit package, cold environment but fast face you will not notice the time. Supportive management.
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awesome work team

was always treated with respect and professional. great benefits , wage and holidays. company always ran with diligently and smooth with never any issues or problems
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hate it

very low paying job for the amount of labor put into this job back breaking, should have higher pay and should do multiple shifts insead of one but not bad
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Good workers

Great worker bees, poor leadership. No strategy in place. Performance management goals are made up on the spot with no direction or input from managers. Benefits for salaried employees are subpar. Respect for staff is virtually nonexistent except for the odd good manager that supports and backs their team. Leadership is not interested in leveraging the expertise of their employees.
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Cold and demanding

This was my first job in trucking, had I known that other businesses weren't run like this I would never have stayed so long. Versacold is cold. Basically you work in a refrigerator all day long. There was a lot of drama amongst management, and my immediate Supervisor was an absolute drunk. Mood swings bad attitudes and an us-versus-them kind of atmosphere towards the employees. They don't want you to make much money other than with your original 8 hours a day. Raises are small and infrequent, and the work involved is tenuous. Management doesn't care about the well-being of the driver, they would rather not recharge your air conditioning in summer if it means they can save money on their budget and get a bonus for themselves. They don't understand Trucking as this really isn't a trucking company, it's a giant refrigerator that happens to have drivers. I would highly recommend you stay away from this one oh, much better places to work.

Points positifs

Steady job where you don't have to put 100% effort in.

Points négatifs

Not much money, horrible management.
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Coldest Job All Year In Winnipeg

If you love working in Winter environments 8 hours a day. This job is for you. If cold isn't your forte after a while you will not enjoy working every day for 8+ hours. Overall it's a good place if you want a reasonable paying job for what you do.

Points positifs

Reasonable benfits and pay

Points négatifs

Long hours, Cold, Little time to warm up, They do NOT re-hire once you leave.
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