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Warehouse Worker31 avis
Canada31 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle
3,7Salaire et avantages

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Excellent workplace to work with.

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VersaCold is an excellent workplace to work with. Before, We have a lot and full of workloads every day.People around me especially my co-workers are very approachable and well friendly. Easy to get along with others. Even seems that we're been a little bit tired, still we are enjoying and having fun with each other while working. Mostly, we worked more hours than our regular time. I love working overtime because it adds extra money to my income. I am a hardworking guy as you know. But nowadays, I'm sorry to tell you that we are now slowed down because of this pandemic. Our workload cut down. I do not get any more my regular hour complete. Always under time.I am looking forward to finding a part-time job to sustain my daily needs.

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Now a days, mostly under time
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Loved working here

The crews were great people to work with and the training was excellent. They helped you out in a pinch if you were falling behind. The hours were flexible enough for me at a time when my schedule was really busy with other concerns and they worked with me to accumulate hours.
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
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Lots of overtime

Pros: Operating lots of machines and getting trained in house with lots of overtime and good job security Cons: working in -25 degree Celsius environments with repetitive labor
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Coldest Job All Year In Winnipeg

If you love working in Winter environments 8 hours a day. This job is for you. If cold isn't your forte after a while you will not enjoy working every day for 8+ hours. Overall it's a good place if you want a reasonable paying job for what you do.

Points positifs

Reasonable benfits and pay

Points négatifs

Long hours, Cold, Little time to warm up, They do NOT re-hire once you leave.
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work in freezing temperatures

company is going downhill and is micromanaged. It was a great job when managed properly. New owners hired more managers and less workers. constantly pushed to go faster.

Points positifs

good rates and benefits

Points négatifs

freezing temperatures and bad management
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Poor Management

Some managers in this company think they are the CEO and treat employees like a peice of crumb. Other managers are great leaders and work with the employees. Depends who you have, as a lot ofnthe good managers have quit the company.

Points positifs

Wages, benefits

Points négatifs

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Good work culture

The workload is very heavy for the amount of salary given to workers. I enjoyed the culture of the workplace because of its diversity. Most of the workers are hired on a contractual basis. There is minimal chances of job advancement. I believe the workers should get a higher pay scale instead of the minimum. It is a very physical job.
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Cold Storage and Freight

Hard work long hours but great pay. I enjoyed my time there; company procedure and safety is quite rigorous. The temperature is cold and freezing, keep that in mind during winter in Winnipeg. The work is fast paced, action packed, technical forklift driving and electric pallet jack handling under stress and extreme conditions; team work is essential to success. You must be hard working able to read a chart, locate the freight and must be organized. This job has a high difficulty level but a fun and exciting way to earn a wage.

Points positifs

bankable days off, overtime, benifits

Points négatifs

Cold !
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Fun to come to work and pleasant management staff

A fast-paced environment but very organized so your shift doesn't drag on. Management is very pleasant and appreciate the work you do for them. Co-workers are great guys and since there isn't a lot of turnover, it is almost like a family atmosphere. The hardest part is working in a refrigerated environment but the company supplies you with everything to combat that so you're well prepared for it. The most enjoyable part of the job are the people you work with and coming in a close second is the wage/benefits package!!

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Company appreciation

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