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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good pay not much else

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Great Company very understanding when it came to personal issues or matters. Management however is very disconnected from the floor employees and have little enthusiasm for growth or change/safety

Points positifs

Take Days off when neccessary, Little supervision

Points négatifs

Long Hours 12+, Shifts for Evenings 1pm till 930 little time for family
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Was a very good place to work

I work there for 25 yrs the company was changing location it was too far for me to relocate so I got laid off I would recommended anyone to work for the company if they are not afraid of the cold plus you get to eat lots of ice cream if and when they are damage
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Told I can make union if i meet expectations

2 days before my probation was told I don’t meet what they are looking for Perfect attendance perfect pick accuracy far exceeded they’re expectations

Points positifs


Points négatifs

They string u along then fire you days before you make the uniob
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Overall is Good! 4 stars

People here are really helping hands,to make you feel better and good to do your work, duty wise is fair enough, salary is really good for me...overall 4 stars....
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hate it

very low paying job for the amount of labor put into this job back breaking, should have higher pay and should do multiple shifts insead of one but not bad
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great place with long term possibilities

excellent staff, paid training and long term but you must be able to withstand cold temperatures. lots of work and friendly staff. its easy work that requires attention to detail and common sense.

Points positifs

great pay

Points négatifs

no free lunches
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Great place to work

Other then the cold, it is a great place to work. Management is good and supportive. Safe and healthy work environment. Team members are helpful and always willing to teach.
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Cold place to work.

I would start my day like any other day. Have all my orders ready to be picked. I learned about frozen food. I worked with only two other employes. I would say keeping warm was the hardest part of my day. I would have to say the most enjoyable part of my job is to finish.
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Versacold Review

I would arrive at work 40 min early and relax outside or in the lunch room. Talk with some of the other workers for about 20 min eat ice cream, which was a huge pro. before i get in the lunch room id change into my cold suit and mask as it was a freezer environment we worked in. After that i go sign in and start the day with a meeting letting us know the volume for the day. Sign out machines and picking equipment and then start work.

Points positifs

Alot of free ice cream, and lucnches, great work enviorment

Points négatifs

cold temperatures, system breakdowns
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Fun workplace and Nice people to work with

get ready for the shift start, stretch, supervisor tells how many orders are to be picked and to work safe. after lunch meet with everyone at the dock know how many more orders are left to pick. Most enjoyable part of the job was getting out off work around noon, but had to start work 4am in the morning.

Points positifs

free barbecues every few months

Points négatifs

safety incentive pay
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not a great place to work

management is not supportive, very few co-workers are nice, the hardest part was the cold and what is worst is you don't get payed fairly cause they don't pay you a freezer premium though you are working in a freezer environment. and i now understand why alot of people don't last in this company. the most enjoyable part of the job for me is non.

Points positifs

nothing for me

Points négatifs

don't have a very good garment to fight the cold.
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