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Une belle gang très sympathique. J'ai adoré travailler la bas. J'y retournerais sans gêne.
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An interesting workplace with an enjoyable task.

What is the best part of working at the company?I liked the ease of the work and the types of lift trucks I used.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management would be rude to workers at times. I loved the work itself.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Amongst the workers it was great. Management wanted to blame things on workers. The overall environment was fun and communicative. What is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day was do your job to the best of your ability and try to meet normal levels of performance.
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Fun place with great ppl

Typical day become rutine, but co-workers makes it much enjoable. Management let you little bit of freedom and thats enouhg to learn new things.Hardest part probably too much days off due to shift.Overall good expirience in my life.

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Great pay but the company was poorly manage

cold environment, too much downtime, favouritism was at an all time high and no team work. It was design to fail since they closed down the walker location, the job was not enjoyable. Company was just burning cash, pretty sure they went belly up. In order to win or succeed, you need a good team.

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Supervisors were not competent, just there to make your working experience difficult
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2 out of 10

What is the best part of working at the company?Not paying very well to the owner operators. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?They only have midnight loads from coast.
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Great company to work for

Amazing company to work for its union so moving up takes time to gain seniority but management is very helpful and supportive when needed if looking to make good money and want stability come work here
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Productive and fun workplace

Great coworkers and employeesInexperienced and borderline unprofessional management Low pay and no frills/bonuses Larger company but neglected by head office Need to be okay with working in the cold
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Toxic management. Avoid like the plague.

Worked here for just under 3 months this past winter. The guys you work with are really nice and helpful which is great because management will give you zero guidance or feedback. All my practical training came from asking my coworkers questions. I was given one day of order picking training in the freezer and then I was basically on my own. Managers won't give you any guidance during your probation period, they'll smile and nod at you during daily role-call, but won't provide any meaningful assistance to you. Hitting the unofficial quota (1200 cases a shift) is not possible during the slow season because they're simply aren't enough orders to pick. The voice picking system they use is very old, and will cause you to make errors. The system needs to train your voice commands for it to work properly but it absolutely will cause errors for you. My headset had issues distinguishing the numbers 1/8 and 2/3, which can cause big problems for you. Some of the pick locations are in extremely narrow freezer aisles that are further obstructed by stock and pallets, and in a few locations there are no signs or markings as to what product belongs in a given slot which again can easily lead to picking errors. The layout of the aisles makes it unnecessarily harder for pickers because heavy items are placed at both the beggining and end of the pick locations, meaning you will have to stack heavy items on top of lighter items that came before it. I was let go about a week before my probation was to end. The reason given was that "expectations were not being met". However at no point in my - 

Points positifs

Good co-workers.

Points négatifs

Management/Supervisors are abysmal.
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Productive and fun work place

Very organize… union are very organized. Friendly environment Time managementProductiveI’m not a person of so many wordsIn summary it’s a place I would prefer to work again and again…

Points positifs

Free ice cream some times

Points négatifs

Long hours
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High productivity, good people

Most of the people are great to work with, pay is above industry standards. As long as you don't mind the cold and potential long hours job is pretty good
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Not bad

Worked for Versa for a long time, the pay is good and in the end there arefar worse places to work. The benefits are great and safety is pretty good, kinda dysfunctional but what 3pl isn't.
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Hypocrisy in business model run by tyrant management with a facade working culture.

Management is ridiculous and are useless. It's a working environment that feels segregated in culture with miserable long term employees who feel self entitled. The pay is good for long term work but don't expect long term work when you work in a brainless job position where you are being monitored constantly like a maximin prison with a high turn over rate. Over an average of a dozen people have quit or been let go in a 1.5 month span during their probation period. This place is a joke with simply miserable people who are stuck in a career of redundancy and simply having internal conflict over job pay and specific job duties. Everybody thinks they have a rank over you and are constantly monitoring you. It really does feel like a prison working in a freezer. Good luck to you new fishes.

Points positifs

Good pay and benefits.

Points négatifs

Overall horrible work environment & culture. A lot of miserable people.
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Steady job good for long term

Great place to work but remember it's a cold storage if you don't like the cold don't work here other than that it's a good job to make a living great pay
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Very Cold and repetitive

Hard and cold days for very little pay. Be aware that to this company you will forever be a number on a spreadsheet. You will never be valued or appreciated.
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Very stressful

Management can be very pushy and the work is tedious. They do not provide you with warm gloves for working in the cold environment. The boxes can be heavy and you will feel tired/gassed out quickly if you do not have stamina. if you have fun people to work with, goodluck to you.
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Good company but poor management

The company is surrounded with great people, minus the upper management that have no clue how to operate anything more than their mouse and keyboard. There are heavy delays in communication from central even though they are only 3 flights of stairs away. 3 out of 4 of the supervisors are a joke, and if you smoke you seem to get all the breaks you want.
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Fast-paced but simple

I came into this company without ever having operated an electric pallet jack. The manager and warehouse supervisor were kind enough to give me 3 paid half-days during which I was instructed in the use of the machine and given the practical test. Since then I have worked as an order picker on the 4pm-12:30am shift and am so far enjoying it quite a bit. It is cold, but the fast pace of the job keeps the blood flowing and the body warm enough. I would recommend this job to anyone who can handle extreme cold while maintaining high picking volumes. Employees at this location become UFCW members with a generous benefits package after a 3 month probation period, although freezer & late shift hourly premiums are already given prior to that.

Points positifs

Solid pay and benefits, consistent break times, friendly and competent warehouse manager, well-maintained workplace

Points négatifs

Cold (worth it for the pay imo), occasional but easily fixable malfunction of picking headset
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It’s alright - Unionized

There’s a union so there is some hostility at times with management. Other than that, good pay, good benefits. One of the best compensation packages in Ontario for a warehouse job.

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Points négatifs

Not much room for advancement.
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Not much fun. Dead end job

Ok place and position to get some experience for a year or two. Beyond that it is not a progressive environment to work in. A lot of turn over in the Engineering department and the management of the department as well. Could not find capable or well-qualified people.
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Excellent place to work

I have been with Versa for over a decade and have always loved it here. I am treated fairly, encouraged to learn new things and branch out and although I am happy at the job I have I have been given multiple opportunities to move up. If you are willing to do your share you will always be appreciated and praised.

Points positifs

Family-like culture, management is accessible and truly hears you, work is interesting

Points négatifs

nothing I can think of
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Contract position

Pay was good 8 years ago, new management doesn't seem to think the rising costs of being an Owner Operator justify a increase in pay. This is why I sold my truck and left

Points positifs

Steady work

Points négatifs

pay for services
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