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Apply only if you have high energy

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Long hours, overworked. Pay is good with lots of overtime.Upper management unsupportive when personal and family issues come up. Apply elswhere unless you have high energy and stamina.
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Fun in serving meals ang helping feed the elders.

I learned to adapt my self for a Fast Phase work and to a multi-cultural environment. Most enjoyable part is doing a well done assignments during every shifts.

Points positifs

Having lunch with co workers and relaxing breaktime.

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not applicable
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A Positive and Supportive Environment to work

I feel very fortunate to work for VCH. I love the culture and the people. I work with such kind and genuine people, who go above and beyond and truly want to make a difference in the lives of others. Management is very supportive, as are other staff members. The work is challenging enough, but not overwhelming. Regardless of the department I’ve interacted with, I’ve had positive experiences. I feel I am well compensated for what I do, I like what I do, and I actually look forward to being at work (I know, crazy eh?). If I have one “complaint “ it is with PHSA (Provincial Health Services Authority), who are responsible for our payroll and benefits. PSHA has not honoured my contract with VCH, and has consistently withheld (refused to pay) a percentage of my income. If you work for VCH, please check and double check your paystubs. If you are a temporary or casual employee, do make sure PSHA are calculating your statcas% according to the collective agreement. This is Vancouver, and every penny counts - especially if you’re working hard for it!

Points positifs

People, Culture, environment, compensation, flexible, family friendly.

Points négatifs

PSHA and their inability to pay correctly.
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Good benefits

Good benefits, decent pay, workload is ok. Lots of inefficiencies and annoying interpersonal things. Lots of sick staff with no coverage. Lots of redundant administrative stuff.
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Its important work

There's a lot of staff that have been there for years. Some staff show up the way they need to others don't. This can cause petty squabbles to occur but they usually end quickly.
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Good work place

This us a cery good workplace that allows prople to work and rest while working and also the management are very nice sometimes there's work but most of the time we just working
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Toxic workplace

Unrealistic workload & culture of bullying is prevalent. Hard work is punished by supervisors who add more workload on to nurses who are highly productive
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Okay place to work

Decent place to work if you work in health care. Opportunities to move up to leadership positions. Decent support from higher level staff. Paid vacation, sick leave and benefits.
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Great benefits, management is listening. Just need to know who to talk to.

VCH does care for their ppl and you can see from the grass roots movement that's happening that they are trying hard to retain their workforce. It's not easy but I can see the steps taken. E.g. better pay for equity, compressed work week for E9 pilot program, flex work program.
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Managers and superiors are very supportive

I've been with VCH since 2007 up to present and the managers who handled my unit are very professional and supportive all the way. Co workers are easy to go with... manager and supervisors are easy to approach. Considerate and they have tons of patience with workers who are undergoing stress. No descrimination at all. They know how to value everybody's existence.

Points positifs

Very supportive environment.

Points négatifs

Service year gifts should be more worth the gifts
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Supportive environment

The interprofessional team that you work with is often very supportive and collaborative. This will obviously vary depending on exact location/floor/unit.
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Great place to work

A place where you can feel fulfillment in the work you do. You can really feel that you can benefit the community through the work you do. It’s an organization that really values employees.
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Good experience

I had a very positive experience with my team at RLL, extremely supportive, accommodating, and approachable management who really strives to ensure the wines of their staff
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Supportive of employees

I’ve felt a lot of support from my management team, things are well organized, and I do feel like our own health is a priority to them as well. Great benefits.
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Good work environment

Good teamGood benefitsFlexible work schedulesNot a lot of turnover and good coworkers with lots of learning opportunities. Compensation could be higher.
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Fun workplace but it depends on the area

Hands down VCH has great benefits, but that’s it, it can be a great place to work but it depends on the area, I feel unfortunate I got the worst place to work with VCH, it was run by old privileged employees and management with no backbone, but still I recommend to work here for personal needs, employees still have opportunities to go around and find their sweet spot.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Old privileged employees
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Supportive management

I have a great experience in the community team. The managers and supervisors were generally supportive. Good team culture. Workload can be overwhelming sometimes but management does receive feedback well.
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Supportive learning environment

The response protocols and vaccines changed rapidly as new information and vaccines became available. The leadership continuously provided clear communication and support for staff.

Points positifs

Clear communication
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It's OK

I do like my coworkers, but it is a very stressful job. We are almost always understaffed. It often seems like more and more tasks get added to our plates.
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Work Opportunities

Work is work. As long as your willing to do the work and OT, there’s financial security enough to pay the bills. Know your resources and be willing to explore to expand your skills and knowledge. Might be tough working in healthcare but there are colleagues, very few, that makes work worthwhile and fulfilling.

Points positifs

Work scrubs are provided.

Points négatifs

Toxic work environment.
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lots of diversity. ITs a Hospital settings. So, Expect to follow medical model. Work on casuals if you like to make your own schedule. everything is online. Some might feel bullied by other coworker. I would personally suggest, dont even bother to complain to management. As management don't do anything. work for 8 hours, get your money and come home. be there physically not mentally. sounds not very ideal but its healthcare. healthcare overall is toxic.
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