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Collaborative team with open communication

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It was an overall positive experience with supportive staff and management. There were team-building activities and periodical training. Management was responsive and life-work balance was encouraged.
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It's okay, depends on the site you are at.

Some sites are not to bad and you feel like you are doing well there with some great colleagues. However, depending on where you get hired it can be very cliquey(sp?) between the staff. The clients/patients for the most part are good and you can feel like you really made a difference in their life.

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Never enough staff. Management is grossly incompetent.

There never seems to be enough money in the budget for actual ataff on the floor. But the well never seems to run dry when hiring more management. This organization is way too top heavy.
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Fast pasted work environment.

Good co workers but bad management. Pay is low for the amount of stress you work under. Must be able to multi task. Always working short staffed. Benefits could be better.
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Terrible Leadership and Management! Top down culture.

Wow! I truly have no words after completing a contract at the Corporate office. I’m an RN sing the folks up top are wildly out of touch with the realities of the front line. The organization values quantity over quality of work and you feel like you are spinning in a hamster wheel of meetings and working groups and committees without actually having space to reflect, research, talk to experts etc. It’s bureaucracy and risk management at its true finest and I felt totally unsupported. I

Points positifs

Fine pay, great clinicians, some great admin and management

Points négatifs

No work boundaries respected, Top down leadership and micromanaging, unsupportive of mental health
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Booking Clerk

Good work environment but low pay. Good benefits and vacation. Hoping once they negotiate a new contract for us, the wages will increase. Benefits are fantastic and you accrue vacation and sick days.

Points positifs

Benefits and vacation

Points négatifs

low wage
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Lots of opportunities for continued education from the Union. Great extended health benefits.

Required to be at work for more than 8 hours, but paid for 7.5 hours. Management is great and always approachable. Staff very supportive of each other.
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Front line staff are not valued

Very stressful and a lot of work place bullying. Management is terrible and they do not care about the patients. Low opportunities for advancement. Resistance to positive change. Blatantly discriminatory culture.
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Nice place to be employed

Awesome company. Great house. Management is very good. Great team work. They work with you and are very understanding if you need time off. Coworkers are also very understanding

Points positifs

Great hours. Great team work

Points négatifs

Can be hectic at times but very doable
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Nurse work

Hardest part of job is handling the increasing workload and commute. Other coworker's are nice and get along well. Managers tend to focus on profit vs patient care
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Vancouver Coastal Health Authority does not value its employees

My overall experience working for the company for over 20 years, the pay is OK for my job position but not high enough to be inline with inflation. The medical, dental and extended benefits are excellent. They do have a Municipal Pension Plan and new employees start out on 18 days vacation. As for stress, it depends on which worksite you work at and which job an employee is doing. I personally did not feel valued as an employee by the organization. The organization has a punitive approach towards dealing with issues. It’s a union company but they have jobs that are union and out of contract which is non union.
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Relaxed work environment. Decent pay.

A typical day involves arriving at 7:30 am. Picking up clients, calling clients, running activities. Driving around the city to perform other duties involving the bus.
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Great Place to work

Great Place to work. The only downside is the bright lights that give me a headache. Scheduling is online so no annoying phone calls through out the day.
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Not Great for Newcomers

Workload is insane for the low pay. Minimum 5 ventilated patients in ICU for example, but could go up to 8. Paper charting, taking ABGs after every small vent change. Most coworkers were nice but some just treat you as if you're beneath them. My orienteer would sometimes laugh condescendingly when I made mistakes and assumed I was deliberately ignoring patients when I forgot a task. Management can easily come off as insensitive with their attitude or word choice. They will also have a "mistakes list" filed on you in secret when starting. It not only compiles serious infractions, but minor errors like going for lunch an hour late (they do not bother asking you to explain the situation). If this list grows sufficiently large it will be brought up in front of all the charge RTs and union, and you'll be quizzed in all future shifts. You'd better be able to answer these questions or you're at serious risk of termination. This questioning makes up a bulk of the "support" they promise you if you need it. They really want to emphasize how much they support you but they make up their mind about you pretty early on, and I suspect they only emphasize it due to the union getting on their case about all the RTs who have quit/been fired in the past year.

Points positifs

The city itself, and some staff are very nice.

Points négatifs

Curt management, low pay, hectic work environment with little room for error.
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Fun friendly staff and residence

I have work in 3 facility and by far VCh is the best place to work. Staff are friendly and helpful. I am always happy to be at work and I like how the manager managing and reminding staff to be careful during this time.

Points positifs

Staff and residence are friendly

Points négatifs

Long drive for me and hard to fine parking
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Staffing and morale are awful. Seem to be spinning the wheels but never changing anything. The simple answer is "that's the way it's always been" wrong answer
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Extremely demanding work /standards: management suffers from critical flaws

Very important /keenly needed work assisting/ supporting elderly & vulnerable people to stay safe & healthy in their own homes. Health team support /back-up essential but, unfortunately, often delayed or unavailable—due to insufficient staffing levels (shortage of LPN nurses /skilled, properly-trained front-line workers. Unionized work environment is a major positive factor. Critical flaw/ important deficiencies in management: as agents of a key branch of BC Ministry of Health, IMHO making VCH appear squeaky-clean publicly & on social media (organizational politics)—sometimes translates as disrespectful, quietly-abusive treatment of front-line workers.

Points positifs

Well-funded (BC tax dollars), high standards of care, fulfilling meaningful work

Points négatifs

Frequently insufficient hours of home care available to clients
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Had a great time working there too many managers

Good fair pay. Too many Managers changing schedules or asking you too spy on fellow workers and report back. Nurses and co workers are great. If you can handle 12 hour shifts this is a good place to work.

Points positifs

Decent pay, great team work, everyday is differant

Points négatifs

Too many managers
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Working here was ok at the beginning. Work environment was toxic and unhealthy. Some management were very good and some were not. Some employees were treated unfairly.
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Great work environment

Absolutely fabulous place to work. Even though I was on a temporary contract I was fully supported in my role by management. Great opportunities for learning and advancement.I would highly reccomend them as an employer.

Points positifs

Experienced dedicated managers

Points négatifs

It was only a temporary contract
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Great work team

Loved my co workers . And at times we were rewarded for working hard by coffee and treats delivered. Our manager always came around checking on us and the work houses. The teams were amazing and everyone shared the load. LPN s were involved with personal care!

Points positifs

All departments worked together

Points négatifs

Short staffed at times
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