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Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is a world-class innovator in medical care, research and teaching. VCH provides a full range of direct and contracted health services including primary, secondary, tertiary care, home and community care, mental health services, population and preventive health and addictions services. VCH is one of six publicly-funded – plus... 

  • While some say laughter is the best medicine, for Richmond music therapists Eva Wong and Alexina Davis, music and song are powerful tools for helping patients, residents, and clients connect in a unique way. “Music breaks down barriers," says Eva, “When we play to patients, it helps create a special connection and creates trust, which can then lead to patients speaking honestly about their experiences and how they're feeling."
On some units such as the stroke unit, where many patients are non-verbal, music provides a gateway. “We've seen case after case with non-verbal patients that when we're playing the music or songs that they know, they can sing the whole song with lyrics! Because singing uses the entire brain, individuals who cannot speak post-stroke may be able to tap into other parts of the brain and sing," she says, adding that music can be a way to encourage these patients to say a simple hello to their loved ones or care team.
When rehabilitating patients, Eva and Alexina have also found that music can help provide incredible motivation—using the rhythm of the guitar to give them confidence, endurance, and even a steadier gait when walking to the beat of the music.
For Alexina who works on the acute, shorter-stay units, it's all about the connection that music provides. “It's all about bringing normalcy to their day," she says. “It lightens up the mood for everyone on the unit when music fills the halls. Often times, our staff aren't able to spend as much time with patients as they would like. My job is to connect with our patients, pick songs that will lift them up and provide comfort, and then breakdown the barriers so we can have a meaningful conversation."
Alexina says it's that sense of connection that music brings that not only impacts a single patient's journey—but how they connect with each other on the units. “Patients really enjoy coming out of their rooms and being with other patients that are on the same journey and hearing about their experience. Music provides that opportunity to connect and motivate each other."
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  • As a new grad Sonographer, Madeline made the move from small-town Ontario to Vancouver to work at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). She wanted to start her career at a tertiary center where she could really test her skills and grow as a new grad. “For me, VCH was the right choice as I would be able to work at a teaching center and enjoy a good work/life balance.”
Madeline loves her job as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer because there are always new and challenging cases that force her to think on her feet and test her skills. “There is always something new to learn in this position,” says Madeline. Over the past five and a half years working at VGH, she’s experienced countless exciting and inspirational moments supporting patients.
Madeline describes the ultrasound department as incredibly supportive and her amazing colleagues who are always willing to lend a helping hand. She loves the diversity of the department and says there are staff members from countries all over the world.
Madeline embodies the VCH Value – We Care for Everyone and treats every patient the way she would want to be treated as a patient.
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  • “It's about being a voice for our patients and advocating their needs," says Christine Deziel, nurse for the Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART). “It's the opportunity to help be the vehicle for change and support clients, their families, and our own staff with their understanding of addictions."
Evidence-based addiction treatment, education, harm reduction and supportive care: these are the pillars of the Richmond Hospital DART team—a specialized resource team that provides services and treatment for any patient where there is an identified concern about substance use and are admitted to ER and inpatient units at Richmond Hospital.
DART provides assessments to hospital patients at the bedside, initiates treatments such as opiate agonist treatment and anti-craving medications and assists with withdrawal management. The team also supports the units with discharge planning and connects patients to community clinics and resources for ongoing care. “We're a consult-based team—we have the expertise to offer addictions treatment and medication suggestions to support the teams in ER and on the units caring for the patients," says Preeti Sawa, clinical coordinator.
Over the past two years, the DART program has focused on making some enhancements to the program so they can better support both patients and families as well as staff. “With enhanced coverage, we have more time to spend with clients—to really get to know them and meet them where they're at," says Christine. “Often clients we see in hospital end up coming to programs that we also facilitate in the community—it's nice to create that consistency and continuum of care with our patients so we can build trust and support them in their journey.”
While the DART team's main focus is supporting clients with addictions and substance use, they also share their expertise with staff on the units, multidisciplinary teams, as well as families to help share information about addictions and how we can all work together to support those who are struggling.
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  • This year the Emergency Nurses Association of BC (ENABC) Conference was held in beautiful Penticton, BC. The conference was filled with two exciting days of inspiring speakers, hands-on education and meeting Emergency Department (ED) nurses from other hospitals. Lori, ED Manager & Lara, Nurse/Educator, both from VGH presented at the conference and shared insights about the new and innovative initiatives they are part of at VCH.
Thank you to our VCH nurses that came over to support the VCH booth!
And a big thank you to our dedicated emergency nurses for everything you do for our patients - Happy Emergency Nurses Week! -
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