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Malgré la gestion un peu douteuse, l'ambiance au Urban Outfitters est très calme et accueillante. Entre employés, il y a beaucoup de respect. C'est l'endroit parfait pour se faire des amis!
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Great Place, Little pay

Little to no pay, and no recognition for hard work. Loved coworkers, were very supportive but corporate didnt care at all about the stores. Could have paid more.
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  • Absence de stress
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué

High pace

High pace environment with potential to be awesome but can also be very difficult to handle based on your personality.You need to be self driven and mature to handle being a manager as we hire young adults that are often experiencing work for the first time.
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High expectations for Little pay

Pay is usually £8 but on Oxford street/ Circus is £9. For what they expect is nothing, constant overtime working sometimes multiple hours after the shift is done. Can't sit for 5 hours straight, very fast paced, busy, crowded & stressful. Colleagues are really nice but management are young and have attitude. Not professional

Points positifs

40% discount, nice colleagues, diverse, young & fun

Points négatifs

Long hours, little pay, busy and messy all the time, very high expectations
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High Activity and Goal-Driven motivation

The workplace is very open and involved, providing solutions to challenges and guiding processes along in times of development, setting an insightful opportunity to it's employees and aiming to keep their practices efficient. Overall an awesome experience.

Points positifs

Structure, Benefits, Scheduling

Points négatifs

High traffic break times
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Fun, sometimes

Good for part-timers; flexible scheduling. No full-time opportunities, minimal pay rate. The culture and the employee discount reign supreme at the end of the day.
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Fun but little pay

It was a pretty fun job but you can’t live off of even the higher salary jobs. Managers get mad at you for simply speaking to your coworkers even with a completely empty and clean store.
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Productive and Fun Workplace

Working at Urban Outfitters was always fun. Despite the stress of retail, I always knew that at the end of the day, the management team always had my back. They made the holiday season fun, which is notoriously the most stressful time of year for retail. I always had growth opportunities and felt like people wanted to see everyone succeed. The only advice I would give someone going into Urban Outfitters is to just be yourself!

Points positifs

Benefits for full time, good discounts, hour lunches

Points négatifs

Low-ish pay for part time employees
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Great place if you enjoy retail and on-trend fashion

Urban Outfitters was a great place to work because I was surrounded by great people. The company focuses on being as "on-trend" as possible, so you always feel like you're leading the way.

Points positifs

Coworkers and Culture

Points négatifs

Could be paid better
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Not transparent

I thought it was a cool place at first, left quickly because of their practices. When they had overstock they would shred the clothes so that house less people wouldn’t find them in the dumpster I thought that was pretty disgusting ethically so I left
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Great coworkers

Love the people I worked with . Management is average. Culture is fun. Slow promotion or none at all. Great sample sales. The environment let you express yourself.
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Love this job

This is a great place to work if you’re in college. They’re very adapting to your school schedule and the discount is AMAZING. We get 40% off clothing items, 25% off home & decor and we get 6 clothing items a month that we can 60 (get 60% off) and 4 accessories a month that we can 60. The staff is unmatched, I’m friends with all of my coworkers and most of my managers, we all hangout outside of work a lot. Overall, this has been my favorite job! The managers are helpful and kind, they don’t really ‘manage’ us, they give us projects to work on and if we need help or have any questions, they’ll come and help. It’s a very inclusive and relaxed environment.

Points positifs

discount, great work environment, flexible schedules

Points négatifs

sometimes customers are really annoying and you have to still be nice.
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Fun work environment

Although you may be expected to go above and beyond what is normal for one person sometimes, the environment is great. You meet a lot of awesome people. If you are trying to move up, you need to work harder than the next and show more effort when it comes to your character and work ethic. That’s if you are dedicated to the company, if you are in it just for the paycheck and are only part time, they know how to weed out who cares and who doesn’t. Discount could be better in my opinion. UO is all about self expression from a bunch of different creatives, of course it’s gonna get a little “funny”, know what battles to fight and what to ignore for your own peace. At the end of the day, if it’s not blatant disrespect, it’s not that deep. customers act entitled and throw tantrums and The thieves are rampant.
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Laid back

Laid back managers and cool coworkers. With flexible hours. Nice environment to be around of and discount is pretty awesome. Pay wage wasn’t the best
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Managers are the biggest downfall.

Overall it was a fun place to work until it wasn't. The turnover rate for management was way too high. The favoritism for certain employees compared to people of color.
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Chill job good management not too many hoursDifferent tasks by the hour minimum wage pay good location and storefront great discount nice coworkers so i would give it a 5/5
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In general not to bad place to work but...

The Company is growing and do not care about the employees so much any more. Besides favouritism is in the house and that is soo shi*! Little chance to grow if you don't have someone in the higher position. Sad.
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Fun workplace and lovely people

I enjoyed my time at urbanoutfitters. As someone who worked in retail in the past, I can readily say I preferred working at urbanoutfitters. The managers were kind and attentive.

Points positifs

Although it is fast-paced it is not stressfull

Points négatifs

Busy due to the location
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Light duty job

Work is really easy but the lidear is trash they are always behind you and make you work hard but to the lazy people they don’t tell anything they have favorite people not a fair place to work they don’t appreciate hard work people they only give us one rate in more than two years but they upgrade the production people is just number and production no humans change a lot the supervisor my department change like 10 times in less than 2 years sounds like a joke but it’s true. This place will be a good warehouse to work if they are more fair with everyone and justice

Points positifs

No employee appreciation meals
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Flexible schedule

Working here gives you the most flexible schedule and you can easily gain more hours by working with and switching with co-workers on Slack, the discounts are good too.
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fun place

It was cool working around alot of fashionable people. Customers were mostly friendly but there was alot more thief than other clothing stores. Part-time worker's hours can be scarce at times.
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