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En général, c'est un endroit agréable où travailler : c'est peu stressant et il y a une bonne ambiance entre les employés. Toutefois, le salaire pourrait être meilleur et il n'y a malheureusement aucune possibilité d'augmentation. Il ne faut pas s'attendre à avoir beaucoup d'heures, même si on vous promet 30h à votre entrevue.

Points positifs

Rabais employé

Points négatifs

Salaire, gestion
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Stressful and underpaid staff at all levels

The requirements of all roles at urban seem to outweigh the salary. It’s also impossible to ask for a raise as it’s capped internationally and reward for exceptional performance is next to nothing. Only full time managers get bonuses and associates don’t get anything, even during the busy holidays. Most staff are lovely though, more than any other place I’ve worked.

Points positifs

Chill staff

Points négatifs

Inadequate compensation
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the people are pretty great, hours can feel really long especially on super slow days, breaks could be better. discount is nice, especially with the 60%
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Fun workplace

Urban is a fun place to work. The employee discount is great. The job can be a bit boring at times when you’re on the floor. You don’t make commission on sales.
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Okay job for a student

Long hours, low pay. Overall fun work environment. The surrounding area has a lot of shops and restaurants to explore. You also get some good discounts on products.
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  • Absence de stress

Chill Workplace

Very chill place to work, not very many expectations. Since the store isn't doing well, there aren't very many hours you'll get since they will all go to management but otherwise when you are scheduled, it's pretty good
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Not so fun

It’s super repetitive, and the group isn’t fun to work with… Poor training, no benefits, no pros to working there except for money. Work somewhere else….

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours, unpaid breaks
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Can be fun with the right team

Pros:- Good discount- Fun environment- Not as taxing as some retail jobsCons:- Not paid enough- If your upper management is bad, you will have a bad time- Not a lot of advancement because there aren't many UO locations
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Fausses promesses et mauvaise direction

La direction est vraiment nul, ils sont gentils face à vous et vous promettent pleins d’avantages futurs, mais dans votre dos ils vous dénigrent. Ayant fait plusieurs années parmi eux et ayant monté les échelons, j’ai tout vu et entendus, il n’y a aucun respect dans cette entreprise, vous êtes un numéro. La seule bonne chose est les amitiés que vous formez dans le staff. Environnement très toxique à long terme
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Fun part time job

This is the perfect for students looking for a part time job with flexible hours. I was easily able to set the hours I wanted to work and my managers followed them fully.

Points positifs

Good employee discount on items
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Great place to work! Amazing coworkers and management but little hours

Great place to work and great coworkers however, very little hours since the staff is humungous !!! It’s a great first job/ casual job but it’s definitely not part time and definitely not the best if you want to make a lot of money

Points positifs

Good discounts

Points négatifs

No hours
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It was okay. I enjoyed it at the begninning but after sometime it became more stressful and a drag to go to work.

Often felt overwhelmed with some customers because I get a bit anxious sometimes. Other than that management is good and coworkers seem nice. I wish we had more breaks especially when you have a full shift. You're only given one tiny break if your shift is less than 5.5 hours.
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Pretty chill and relaxing environment

Pretty decent place to work part-time with school. Managers and co-workers are nice and it's pretty fun altogether. They pay is minimum wage but the work is not hard at all so that's to be expected
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amazing coworker, everything else is bad

the management is the worst i’ve ever seen in my entire life, we switched SBL three time in the last year i was there, you can ask for a day off 3 months in advance and they’ll find a way to schedule you anyways and then say it’s your problem if you can’t come in and to find a replacement. During the holidays they hire alot of new people but don’t put them as seasonals so when January hits and there’s no more hours to give they go by who’s their favourite in the team. They don’t care if you’ve been there 3 years or if you have rent to pay they’ll schedule you for a whopping 3 hours when you were hired as a 20 hour/week part timer. LOVED LOVED LOVED my coworkers and the fact we didn’t have a dress code but honestly not worth it. I was a Team Leader and i was paid barely a dollar over minimum wage, they don’t care about their employees and their mental health at all. great discount tho (40% and 60% off)

Points positifs

good music, great discount and amazing coworkers

Points négatifs

everything else
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Okay place to work

High expectations from home office, low payroll, lack of training, lack of support, it’s retail you could totally make more doing a similar job expectations elsewhere. The discount is good and coworkers are good

Points positifs

Employee discount and benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, work life balance, lack of training, question company morals, not very honest
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Fun & Positive Place to Work

I've worked a lot of bad jobs. Urban Outfitters might be the first job I've enjoyed. The staff is really polite. The job itself can be a lot of fun. The benefits are fab (60% off on three items a month, 40% on other clothing items, 25% on houseware, but 40% off during Employee Appreciation). The staff is extremely amicable. Management is considerate. Knock on wood, but I really have enjoyed my time at Urban so far.
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Best retail company ive worked for overall, great to customers, great with employees (from salary to part time) lots of ways to earn extra via bonuses contests etc, freedom to be yourself (not cookie cutter) lots of room for advancement and growth in many different fields/areas within, a great place to work and a fun atmosphere
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- This is not necessary - very average retail job - poor pay - you put in more than you get with them - not much room for dramatic pay increases -good for a first or early job
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Very friendly and caring workplace

This was a lovely place to work with friendly staff and management. I was well looked after and was often offered extra hours to help support me. The pay could have been better but was fairly calculated.
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The company is amazing to work for but the salary is mediocre compared to other places. The upper level management does to much micro management. Not a lot of job advancement.
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Fun work environment and great progression

Great place to work for the young fashionables and great progression for staff who want to work their way up in retail, lots of opportunities. Management on the whole are approachable and create a great moral in stores. The benefits are good like holidays and discount, however the management pay needs to be looked at as it is very low compared to other retailers. Some operations need updating but on the whole great place to work if you want to enjoy going in to work every day.
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