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Seasonal Associate2 avis
Canada2 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Applied for a seasonal sales associate position for christmas and ended up turning into a part time employee. The people were really chill and friendly for the most part and I looked forward to seeing a lot of them every time I went in. I never got cash trained at Urban, however it was a good experience in retail: putting back clothes, organizing, maintaining merch displays etc, however it got a little boring sometimes when the store was empty. The only real annoying part was scheduling shifts; I was scheduled outside of my availability more than twice within the first month and the app that Urban uses to schedule shifts (Kronos) sucks and is not user friendly whatsoever.

Points positifs

cool people, very chill work environment, chill dress code

Points négatifs

scheduling/switching shifts was weird, can get quite boring if you aren't a cashier
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Fun Work Place, Poor Management

I wanted to rate this a 2.5 but i couldn't. The people you work with are fun and bubbly but the management is terrible. My first shift was on boxing day and i had no prior training or run down of how to do things. I was lost and didnt know what to do on ny first shift. Although the great employees that worked there took me under their wing and showed me the ways and made my first day better. A typical day is very boring and is a drag. Noone steps foot into the store. And i found myself messing up perfect piles of clothes just to keep myself occupied. Management would cut my hours at times because they didnt have "enough hours" which made sense because of the huge staff that Urban has. The staff is so large that you would be lucky if you got 1 single 8 hour shift. But that wouldnt be a issue if your a part time worker. Instead they would cut your 5hr shift into a 4hr shift. Overall i wouldnt recommend for a permanent position. And instead would recommend a seasonal or part time position.

Points positifs

- Fun coworkers - phat discount

Points négatifs

- Boring workplace - not enough hours
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