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Vancouver, BC12 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It was okay. I enjoyed it at the begninning but after sometime it became more stressful and a drag to go to work.

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Often felt overwhelmed with some customers because I get a bit anxious sometimes. Other than that management is good and coworkers seem nice. I wish we had more breaks especially when you have a full shift. You're only given one tiny break if your shift is less than 5.5 hours.
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Great coworkers and management

It didn’t feel like work! It was great and I loved working with all my coworkers! Happy atmosphere, and very welcoming. Would recommend this job to others!

Points positifs

Freedom of expression, great bonds. Easy going
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Environnement favorable
  • Environnement inclusif
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  • Absence de stress
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle

being a sales associate and cashier at urban outiftters

After being at urban for a year, I was sad to leave only because I wouldn't be living in the same city anymore. the environment is incredible, every worker is very friendly and helpful. I learnt a lot through customer service and care. Because I worked at the Granville location, it was busy, almost all the time especially during peak seasons. This made the work very fast paced a lot of the time, and could be stressful, but exciting. Cleaning the store at the end of the night can be tedious because it is so large, but the managers do a great job at making sure you do something different a lot of the time. The only issue I had with Urban outfitters was getting off so late after a busy closing shift. Other than that, the management was incredible, and I had the opportunity to advance positions.
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Lovely managers. Great working environment

I enjoyed working at Urban Outfitters with lovely managers. They truly care about individual workers. The employee discount has great deal, but it's a minimum wage job.
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Sales Associate

For the most part, management was very understanding and coworkers were easy to get along with. Great employee discount too. However, workdays were either extremely slow or way too stressful. I wish we had more breaks though.
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- This is not necessary - very average retail job - poor pay - you put in more than you get with them - not much room for dramatic pay increases -good for a first or early job
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can be a fun place, can get stressful or boring depending on the location

upper management is not very personable, dont seem to care much about the staff. the expectations from them based on what associates are paid can get stupid. store level management tends to be quite good at finding a middle ground in that regard and they care a lot about staff happiness. you have to be 10/10 all the time or you are watched like a hawk. store management is really understanding with mental health and trying to lessen stress. really really good open door policy. hard to move up fast, most store level managers are 27+ and its hard to get anywhere which is really discouraging for the younger, more eager employees. the best part of the job is 100% the people. i have met my best friends because of that place.
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Great First Job

It was a great first job for me, and I was able to easily balance work and school. I was also able to work my way up in the store I was employed at, which was nice.
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Fun, Productive place to work

At times it is overwhelming but outgoing coworkers always make the day run smoother. Customer service is an asset. Most enjoyable part is connecting with customers and making their shopping experience a great one. Hardest part of the job is working extremely hard for not very good pay.

Points positifs

Positive work environment

Points négatifs

Stressful and below substantial pay
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Lots of potential growth within the company

Working at Urban Outfitters has been an overall great experience for me. I am learning more about myself and the kind of person I want to become and develop with the company

Points positifs

flexible staff

Points négatifs

short breaks
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Casual Workplace

A typical work day consists of helping customers and cleaning up. Honestly its not that hard of a job, the employees have a cool kid vibe but they're all really nice. I liked that we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted.

Points positifs

nice discount, freedom to wear whatever

Points négatifs

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Urban Outfitters

Overall, it would be a much better place to work if they had better organizational skills and more constant opportunity for feedback.. From the moment you start, there's really not much you've been told on and there's honestly not much to do; you either greet, go in fitting rooms, shoes, the men's section or sale.. I've only really learnt how to fold clothes; full-fold, board-folding and quarter folding. That's the only memorable moment for me.. The one thing that's been a constant bother for me since the start of 2011 though is the bad scheduling; from the holidays onward, very few people are given consistent hours and that influx greatly influenced my private life.. My co-workers are fun and easy to work with and relatable and fun; some managers are a bit antsy but overall comfortable and perky at times.. Also, when on the floor, while you will work, you will be probably often times with various managers, but you're only reviewed only once a year and you're never sure by whom. Otherwise, you're rarely given an update on how you've progressed.

Points positifs

good product and flexible scheduling

Points négatifs

bad scheduling and no real room nor incentive for advancement
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