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Sales Associate (Ottawa, ON)
le 21 septembre 2017
Inclusive and encouraging workplace

Overall, management and employees were super helpful in the training process as well as answering further questions I had down the line. Hours were cut quite often but overall motivational workplace.

Sales Associate (Ottawa, ON)
le 16 août 2022
Genuinely the Most Toxic Environment I’ve Ever Worked at.

If you want to work here as a student, prepare to be working throughout lectures without management being understanding of or willing to comply with student employment laws. Beyond this, lead management presented us with their favourite staff members upon the new-hire meeting. If you don’t fit the part aesthetically, they will make you feel like an outsider, gradually reducing your shifts until you leave. Attempted to open up about chronic illness and mental health to management, and was told I was lying and being dramatic, “not a team player”. Never stepping foot near this place again.

Sales Associate (Ottawa, ON)
le 21 octobre 2018
Treated very poorly and rudely by management

A typical day at work would be maintaining the sales floor constantly, sweeping dust bunnies and greeting every customer. If in fitting rooms you would be in charge of counting items, placing customers in their fitting rooms, writing their names and checking fitting rooms for security tags and price tags. I didn't learn anything new at this job. The management is very shady and talked about employees behind their backs to the store manager (I overheard them speaking in the morning) and to other employees. The shift leads are very nonchalant and behave as though they are an elite clique and the sales associates are beneath them. The workplace culture made me very uncomfortable as I was being treated like a new hire with no retail experience. The hardest part of the job was being subjected to snarky comments by management and not being able to speak up due to an open-door policy and expected to do the impossible through contests that were easier for other associates (trying to get customer shout outs via a survey on the receipt and the cashier kept winning - the cashier has the opportunity to casually mention the survey). The only enjoyable part of the job was the employee discount. I was fired 40 minutes into my shift and the manager insulted me, shamed me and lied to me about why I was being terminated by stating "my priorities were not in line with the priorities of the company". I was also terminated in front of an shift lead hired a week ago. I felt like an example was being made of me. It was completely unfair.

Sales Associate (Ottawa, ON)
le 2 octobre 2015
Friendly and organized work environment where deserve to enjoy

Great experiences that I gained from this company. Skills to customer services, and it is a nice place that manager support your work, and have more constant opportunity for feedback.

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