Urban Behaviour
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Sales Associate/Cashier in Metrotown, BC
le 25 juillet 2020
Nice place to work, friendly environment
As supervisor i great alot, learned more about managing floor while assisting managers. Getting tasks done, helping in training new employees, supervising the floor
Cashier in Oshawa, ON
le 19 octobre 2020
I worked the one in the Oshawa centre mall. They hired me when the store was opening. The only reason i am mad is because of the following:- 1. The hours worked were written on paper!!!, Paper. had so many confrontations with the managers, cuz they always forget to put my hours on the paper and then argue, that i never showed up, so annoying.2. the hours that i worked, was put on paper and when the pay day came. the cheque had some missing pay, so i call them and they say that the paper was lost and couldnt find the hours. so now im stuck.3. After a long conversation, they listened. but.... the cheque never came, called and called and was always told "wait another week"
Manager in Training in Scarborough, ON
le 19 septembre 2020
Worst Place to work in
The managers don't care about you at all, most especially the district manager who will work you to the bones and ask you to go above and beyond your job description. They do not pay what you are supposed to get paid. The worst place to get a job, however it gives you a lot of hours. If you don't mind being treated like less than what you are, then it's a good place.
Sales Associate/Cashier in Abbotsford, BC
le 2 septembre 2020
Most stressful place ever
I don’t recommend any one work here unless they are wanting to be stressed out. It’s not hard getting hired but you yourself will eventually want to quit. The managers are incredibly bias, your breaks are not spaced out properly, top floor does not have ac, people talk sh-it behind your back and you’ll notice it. Everyone that worked here before me quit and so did I. Watever they mentioned was right. The manager herself chills out on her phone most times while your stressing out, they’ll assign you multiple tasks at once while some employees have none. I was told I would be cash trained but never was for a whole year. This company doesn’t stay on track, most times the manager would even tell us to not help a customer or instead lie and say we couldn’t. I quit by ghosting I hated these people a straight pain in the a** and they haven’t paid me for the previous work before I quit. The manager needs to get her sh** together or not long before others start complaining and she gets kicked out. If I don’t get my money this chick won’t last long. Oh last thing to mention even as a part time your schedule has no flexibility and you’ll get written up for your sick calls, I called in sick first time and she word for word said “you better not be lying, it’s not hard for me to find things out” I felt completely uncomfortable and felt bad for being sick.
Seasonal Sales Associate in Cambridge, ON
le 22 juillet 2020
An overall mess.
During my interview, they said i would be paid $14/hour even after I mentioned I was a student (under 18), and that didn't happen despite them reassuring me it would. Which is understandable because why pay a student extra when legally you only have to pay them $13.15? That's not all though. The management was terrible, managers would walk around and scold you for doing something one way and each manager never spoke to the other about this, so you were constantly ridiculed for doing what they said. All the employees were constantly on edge because people were being let go every week because the store wasn't making enough money. I personally had problems with one of the managers and not only did the others not do anything about it, they guilt me into not telling more higher-ups about the problem manager because they were friends and didn't want to risk the problem managers job. If you enjoyed the absolute worst parts about high school likes bullies and gossip and drama you should apply here, otherwise avoid it like the plague
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