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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Upper Canada Child Care?

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Not as fast as it should be


Fend for yourself. No cares about workplace harassment and you cannot talk to supervisors because they do not care either.

Co-workers call children, families and parents names in private, making fun of and putting them down.

Was thrown into the supply position without basically any training (especially in class as I didn't even know about how the attendances work or where anything was specifically diapers, changing equipment,etc. and I was not even told about my lunch break and almost worked all the way through it due to the lack of communication).

Spoke to my location lead about the harassment and told me to fend for myself, stand up to her and tell her off instead of making the appropriate approach to the fellow co-worker. This led to SEVERE depression, anxiety and eventually my resignation.

I was FORCED to go to work with a very high grade fever, vomiting and severe diarrhea because one of my supervisors just "couldn't find a supply".

I was denied money that I WORKED for, because of false "rules" and "grace periods" that was never communicated to myself OR my team lead.

Lack of Support. Very Unorganized, Unprofessional, Horrible.

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