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Fun work environment and nice people

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Everyday is a different work location which is a good change and makes the work environment fun. Everyone is super nice and motivate you to reach your goals. The only downside is that you can get burnt out by the end of the day since you are standing outside for hours on end. However you can take breaks whenever you like as long as you get the minimum amount of donors.
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Fun Workplace

- Great people to work with!- Flexible schedule- You receive tons of motivation from managers and coworkers- You will receive a ton of rejections from people working which can get tough
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Exploits international Students

If you just came to Canada need a job and want to be taken advantage of… this is the right place for you… very poor management. Leaders don’t take their job seriously at all. They get paid just to hang out. Seems like a scam really. From your first shift your pressured to to drive sales. If you dont get a sale in tour first 2 days they will fire you… its all a scam.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Stressful toxic relationship work environment.
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Réponse officielle de Up Fundraising

23 janvier 2023
We are sorry to hear you are not enjoying your time as a valued member of our team. We take reviews and feedback very seriously and appreciate critical feedback however this review is slanderous and intended to hurt our teams and our people. Our door is always open if you wish to speak further and we hope to have the opportunity to speak with you and better understand what led to this review.

Fun, friendly & inclusive work environment!

I joined UP Fundraising 9 months ago and have had nothing but a positive experience since! Being laid off from a 15 year career during Covid, it was slightly intimidating looking for the perfect fit for my future. The inclusivity and friendly environment at UP has solidified my choice in joining the team!
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Great company

I have been at Up fundraising for 4 months, and I love it! Management is fair, which I appreciate. The people that work here are amazing, and it’s a great team environment!
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Great Cause

Great that you can help many charities and make a difference in the lives of many. Great team members. Good pay (hourly plus bonuses). Learn great in personal skills
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Fun and motivational working place

The company provides the best opportunity for people who wanted to experience the fundraising world. You will receive good training from the national trainer and your local managers. Your team leaders are going to be super supportive of your day-to-day operation. If you want to join a fun and motivational fundraising agency, UP fundraising is going to be the best place for you.

Points positifs

Motivational leadership team, Team fun, great training

Points négatifs

Pressures on getting the target.
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Great management team and fantastic work environment

I've been working for up for over 3 years now and it's been a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The management team is easy to talk with and communication between everyone is always getting better. There is definitely room for growth at this company as they are always looking to promote within before going external.
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Great company to build a career with!

I started with this company over ten years ago in an entry level position. It's true what they say, if you perform you well, you will have opportunities to grow within the organization. Ten years later I'm still here and now in a Director position.Strongly, Recommend!
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very stressful, horrible management

Absolutely no security, you could get sent home with no prior warning regardless of your travel time, just cause you didn't get a donation within the hour. The travel is horrible, could be anywhere around Toronto, and they don't pay you for transport.communication is poor, didn't know where or what time I was supposed to be on my first day until the last minute. This is not a long-term job, just an easy way to make quick money. whether you keep the job or not depends on luck and how many people give you their time on the streets.

Points positifs

the pay

Points négatifs

managment, travel
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Fast-paced fun work environment

If you are looking for a fun work environment UP is the place for you. They have several Charities they work for and all are amazing to learn about. Upper management for me took their time and really pushed all of us to be better. My manager would always say "If you want to be better at fundraising we can help you get there" and thats exactly what happened. Days can be long but the culture and energy the team has really makes the day go by faster. Every time you get a donor you feel a sense of fulfillment and it is a feeling like none other.

Points positifs

Travel, improving communication skills, learning about non-profits

Points négatifs

performance based job, can be stressful at times
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Decent Job, decent hours, fun co-workers, atrocious management

The work itself is not bad, to break it down you're basically pitching to random people about a certain charity and getting them to donate. It doesn't get boring since you're constantly in a change of environment and sometimes end up meeting really cool people on the job. However, the management/bosses are just plain atrocious. They don't value their employees which is why they are constantly hiring. Apart from the management, there wasn't a single employee who has been there for over a year, and for very good reasons.

Points positifs

Decent Commission

Points négatifs

Management, hours, travel, no love
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Fun but stressful

The community and team make the job enjoyable. Also nice to consistently travel across the GTA if you dislike offices. higher-ups are disorganized and you can feel the stress even as a simple fundraiser.
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Terrible Management

Completely unrealistic expectations. They barely give you training and expect you to do well within a week or risk getting fired.Co-workers were amazing, but management was absolutely awful.If you are working street, be prepared to work in VERY bad conditions. If you are working mall, be prepared to be put into a terrible spot and still expected to get at least 2 donors a day.You WON'T be paid $18/hour unless you are team leader. You will most likely be paid $16/hour and not get enough hours and even get sent home if you are not performing as well as they like.Terrible work culture, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.
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Working here do not worht your time and effort

1. Zero training2. Unreal benchmarks3. Mismanaged teams4. $30 per hour is just a scam, no one is earning that much5. Heavy fundraisers rotation due to lack of supervision and manageral skills from top management

Points positifs

Team members

Points négatifs

All above
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Great co-workers, awful management.

Did not pay as much as they said (would receive less than what was promised for what they said) Some of my co-workers weren't paid for all of their shifts (up to 32 hours).Most of the people hired for this job were promptly let go within weeks of being hired, and all of the people who had worked there before us were let go as well.My co-workers were a joy to be around, and the best part of the job. The rest was quite poorly managed, and the expectations were too high.
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Contract work

Your self employed and its contract work. Something to do part time, you don't get enough hours to make a living and if you don't have vehicle you get less job opportunities.

Points négatifs

Short hours
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Met some amazing people

Met some amazing people at this job, there is no doubt that there are a handful of good people working here. But what was very ironic about the organization is that they are looking for a compassionate, caring and strong communicator however their manager/boss possessed none of these qualities. Lots of gossiping going on that got back to me, and some disrespect through text. It really was a shame on the organization. However this doesn't remove the fact that there are amazing workers at this team, that actually encourage and give me advice on how to be better.

Points positifs

help make a change

Points négatifs

often encounter rude individuals
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No management support or training

Don't get conned to work here for the sake of helping third world countries or doing charity work. The company only cares about their bottom line. They also provide zero training before starting and expect everyone to do well.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Bad Management
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Its a chill job but u get underpaid

If you have no choice for work this is the job for u. I worked for 4 days a week and bi weekly i get paid $490-520. The work is very chill since u dont do much and ask people to sign up onto something they don’t really know about. We work in the field and get 0 medical and its COVID-19 so they don’t really care about you.

Points positifs

Chill and no stress work

Points négatifs

Exposed to lots of people, underpaid and bad management
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Great job for students and transition periods

This was a great job after graduating undergrad. I worked for about 8 months as a Fundraiser while applying for grad school and it was a great opportunity to improve soft skills like sales/communication. Some days are really challenging with lots of rejection but when you get donations it feels really rewarding and the bonuses are decent. This isn’t the job for anyone afraid of rejection or approaching others, but if you like talking with people all day it can be a fun learning experience.

Points positifs

Social/fun work culture, good bonuses

Points négatifs

Lots of rejection, schedule can change
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