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Super bonne expérience pour le travail en même temps que les études. Salaires très compétitif dans le milieu de la recherche!
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Fun and little to no micro managing

It's easy work if you know your subject and you will find yourself working a lot less than the number of hours you are paid for. Depending on the professor you work under there will literally no micro management.
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Not really fun to work as a student

Not really fun to work as a student. Work from home since the beginning of covid. No really any benefits for contract workers. It is not busy but stressful.
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Good TA experience

The TA experience was good. The process to go through was pretty quick and simple. You're given a set number of hours to work per term, and while you can go over that and get paid more, that's pretty rare. Overall it's a pretty good gig.
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Depends what unit you work in

My personal experience at the Faculty of Social Sciences has been amazing, but your experience will vary LARGELY depending on your work group. There are dozens of little 'mini-cultures' scattered throughout the university, so it is difficult to determine whether you are getting a good environment before starting. Overtime is very common across the uni, and I regularly receive emails on the weekend and at 11pm, but I personally do not need to work overtime very often. The university does offer a lot of amazing benefits, and in my opinion, they really do care about their employees. They gave us the day before Victoria Day and the Day after Canada day as university-wide holidays, to compensate for the difficult working environment during the pandemic. They also had many free lunches/activities across campus all summer for the staff. Unfortuantely, if you are looking for a cutting-edge and innovation WORKING environment, this is not the place. They are VERY slow to adapt to change, so do not expect modern policies, efficient programs, and innovative managers! In this way, the uni is just like other government institutions; inefficient and unnecessarily difficult to get certain things done. Things eventually become modernized, but don't expect it to come quickly.

Points positifs

Employee benefits (free food, days off, university wide Christmas holiday, vaccine clinics, etc.), Many opportunities for advancement

Points négatifs

Parking ($$$, and hard to get a spot), very bureaucratic, pay below gov. alternatives, ancient systems/software (finance, hr, payroll, etc.)
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Great. Student job. Work from home. Good pay. Not alot of work. Easy. One month quick job. Not much else to say really. Set own schedule just had to meet a deadline.
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uOttawa is excellent for international postdocs and newcomers to Canada. There were lots of mentorship and training opportunities.

The job was excellent for newcomers to Canada, there were lots of learning opportunities. There were teaching and learning training sessions. Professors are were willing to provide mentorship, workspace and tools were accessible. A free intercampus ride was available. Postdoc enjoyed extended health insurance benefits covering eye care, dental and drugs.

Points positifs

Health insurance

Points négatifs

Salary was good, but not commensurate with qualification
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Great place to work

In my field I work with a lot of different equipment every day. Each shift is a learning experience and it's actually almost fun getting stuff done without being under a crazy time constraint and this is my first job I didn't dread going to.

Points positifs

Good benefits, central location, good pay, excellent work life balance
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Awful management

Awful reception manager Management doesn't respect their employees They treat them very badly and over work them while still under paying them There is no yearly raise They can change the schedule last minute and expect you not to have another life Your life should be just work

Points négatifs

Over working employee/bad managers/
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Perspective from an RPN employed at this clinic.

Worked at UOHS for 2.5 years. It started to go very down hill over the last year. Unable to keep nursing and reception staff at this point. Extremely poor managed office. Lack of professionalism by all upper management. Nursing Team Leader and Reception Manager lack maturity and proper ethics to effectively run the department. No HR team in place currently. No room for advancement as an RPN. Currently not offering any type of raises to any staff or performance review. Toxic work environnement. Very little to no positive feedback from Nursing team lead. Job posting looks good on paper but please remember to read reviews on other websites as well to really understand what is going inside that clinic before wasting your time. Sending good luck to all those RPN's looking for a positive job change but this place is not where you will find that. This is coming from a someone who left and it was the best choice I could have made. Only regret is not leaving sooner.

Points positifs

Good hours, day shifts, benefit package, little to no holidays or weekends
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Crazy busy, challenging, worthwhile

Great place to work. Hours are long, I loved my job. Great benefits. Challenging to balance work and life. Great campus and atmosphere on campus. A lot of walking.

Points positifs

great job

Points négatifs

very long hours
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Fast-Pace environment / Micro-Management

UOHS offers a very fast-paced work environment, they have many separate departments with heavy micromanagement and extended work hours with almost no notice. Good place to work for student as flexible part time hours.
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Fun, but it can be a lot of work

Being a CA is a lot of fun, but there is very little pay, even if residence is paid and the hours are not determined and there is very little time off.
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Pretty boing

The job was pretty boring, there was no clear room for advancement and doing the job was always harder with the instructions given by superiors. There were no benefits.
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I worked with a professor in statistics. My research topic is about math, so it is not easy. My professor is a nice guy, he helped me a lot and gave me a really good salary.
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TA jobs expect unpaid overtime

The work is flexible and interesting, and the student union prevents things from going too far south if you're a graduate Teaching Assistant. However, it is almost a guarantee that you will be asked/coerced into doing unpaid overtime.
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Easy place to work

The pace is slow and very relaxed. The work is too easy, but there are other benifits: excellent work/life balance, no stress, excellent public transportation location.

Points positifs

easy work

Points négatifs

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Productive work

The work is mainly done in an office setting with productive and fun PhD students who are willing to help you to achieve what you are going to do. Free food too!
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Management is excellent with balanced work life.

Overall rating* - 10 Job Work/Life Balance- 9 Salary/Benefits- 10 Job Security/Advancement- 9 Management- 9 Job Culture- 9. Working with university as a teaching assistant
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J'aimais l'ambiance du travail, j'ai appris le sens de la propreté, de l'organisation.

Points positifs

Repas presque gratuit

Points négatifs

Réduction des heures de travail souvent
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Very Professional and productive environment.

I get to work with very professional and skilled people and learn alot from them.

Points positifs

Flexible working hours.
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