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What is the interview process like?

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I actually interviewed for a different job, but seemed to fit in as an Event Coordinator. Fortunately, this position soon became available.

Basic interviewing process

Depends where are you applying and what type of job it is.

the hiring process takes awhile usually, so be patient and dont second guess yourself.

if this is academic position, they are very much onto your education.

if this is admin/support, they care if you can do REALLY great in customer service, as customers to university is students, other units, public and externals. pretty much everyone.

support/admin job, will ask from 8 - 15 questions in interview, half experiences and half BEHAVIORS questions, be prepared to give the GOOD answers! they count quiet heavy on that

and be a bubbly person and make them love you, that never goes wrong

good luck

(i held 4 jobs in UM in my career)

No interview process. The only requirement was good grades.

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