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je recommande vivement la ville de Vancouver. Il y fait beau vivre et les gens sont extrêmement ouverts d'esprit
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Work life balance and professional development

Great employer for benefits, work-life balance and career advancement.Salary could be better for the workload I have.UBC promotes mental health and professional development, encourage employees to keep their health in check and offers hybrid work for most all roles.
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Good work-life balance

Co-workers are great and always willing to help you out. Efficient in the organization and structure that has been laid out. Clear expectations of the role are provided.
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Productive and fun place to work at

There's not too much work, just enoughFriendly co-workers who respect each otherManagement is also cool, I liked them a lotAll in all, it is a good job
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UBC Food Services

It is what is expected as a student job - low paying and tiring, but it is what it is! Good for a student looking to make some extra cash in a convenient way

Points positifs

Free lunch at some of the campus restaurants. You get to choose your own hours, and it is consistent for the rest of the school term

Points négatifs

minimum wage, but it was expected
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Beautiful campus setting, significant job security, lots of options (i.e. departments/faculties)

Easiest way to 'get in' is to start working for the onsite 'temping' agency (called UBC Hiring Solutions). Once employed as a temp for about 3 months, you are an 'insider' and have a way better chance of finding a permanent job. This is what I did. Otherwise, individual departments with job postings can only review your application if there are no suitable UBC candidates (i.e. insiders).In my 18 years at UBC, I worked for two different departments/faculties. There was little in common between the two. I enjoyed one, and not the other, due to the workplace culture. The first was very business-like, and a little stiff. The second was much more 'relaxed' in nature. With the first, the required dress code was 'business' or 'business-casual'. The second was completely optional, without 'rules' regarding dress code. So blue jeans were perfectly acceptable attire. UBC is a large corporate entity, and in my view quite hierarchical in terms of the power/organizational structure. In my view, unless you are management, the pay is not great. However, you do have job security as it is a unionized environment. You also have plenty of in-house opportunity for mobility within the organization, since there are many faculties, many departments, many positions. So if you aren't happy in one department, there are lots of other opportunities.The benefits are also quite good, and UBC also offers $$$ towards skill/career development. So for those who are ambitious in that way, I'd say it's a very good place to work. I would still be there if I hadn't left Vancouver.
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Great Experience

I worked through an internship program that matched us with public sector clients. Well supported on the UBC side, and was a great way to build experience that I still draw on today in my career.
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Respectful and supportive work environment

I loved working at enrolment services. Everyone is so helpful and nice. Overall just a great place to work. Great environment always learning something
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Negative toxic work inviroment

Do not work for retail food services management is very poor in all levels,they care only about the bottom line not the people who help them get there,At the end of the day it's about the people that work the business that need to be looked after with respect not the management that don't now what there doing.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Poor management
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nasty bosses, find another place to work

The job itself is ok except that the bosses make everything you do more difficult by adding unnecessary steps. There are three levels of management over you in this position, they are all bored and just look for ways to make your job difficult and unpleasant. Staff are unionized so bosses treat them poorly, like enemies rather than teammates. It doesn't seem like the director or those beneath her have any education or training in management, they were simply promoted for lasting long enough in the department. It shows in the operation of student housing generally, and the demeanor of staff behind the desk - these are not nice people to work for, nor are they competent. In the end, I found a much better place to work with employers who treat us with kindness, and lead us with competence.

Points positifs

nice coworkers

Points négatifs

terrible management
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Fast-paced work environment

Fast-paced work environment, fair salary, good workplace culture. Too much work during busy periods. Heavy load or work for cage processing and preparation. High level of responsibility for the animal's health and welfare.
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Supporting Environment

Positive points: 1. Great Work Culture2. Good research infrastructure3. Engaging, appreciative managerNegative Points:1. Work-life balance can be better
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Very nice place to work, nice campus.

It was a very good experience working at UBCI learned something new everyday and the mangers and supervisors are very approachable. I really liked it!!!!
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Fun and productive

Very good but at the same time can be boring. It is quite interesting company indeed. Sometime fast pace sometime slow. could be good. workplace culture is interesting.
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Great place to work

I loved working at enrolment services. Everyone is so helpful and nice. Overall just a great place to work. Great environment always learning something
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Hiring Solutions experience

HS is the internal placement agency within UBC. Their mandate is to hire advanced admin and executive support to various departments and schools on and off campus with the intent to eventually find a permanent placement. As a HS exmployee, you are often filling an administrative role while the department HR completes the hiring process for a permanent replacement. Each assignment may give you some skills but will lead to you a career dead-end - standard temp work.Typical day will depend on your work assignment and where you are assigned. Zoom is heavily used and can be faiguing. Depending on the department there may not be training or documentation so being able to work things out for yourself if a must. (In one case I filled in for someone who quit suddenly after 15 years in the position and didnt document their processes at all) Combine this with underwhelming and boring work, siloed groups, cold/distant work culture, daily parking rates, and last minute assignment changes (3-4 days notice is unacceptable yet it happened every time) it led to an unpleasant sense of being treated as disposable. As a result this was not a good fit for me.

Points positifs

Squirrels on Campus, The nice ladies at the Starbucks, big trees everywhere

Points négatifs

Underwhelming and boring work, siloed groups, cold/distant work culture, expensive daily parking rates, and last minute assignment changes
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Fun workplace, good learning experience

Coworkers and supervisor are nice and helpful, good learning experience if you are willing to reach out and connect with the people working around you.
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Good work life/balance job

Good work life balance job. Although progression and advancement may be limited. They don't consider that for you until you bring it up or threaten to quit.
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Toxic department but okay job

Pretty safe campus. Clean. Fun to see students but department bullies and management does nothing, no follow up, does not care about employees. My 2 team leads were great. Caring and supportive and super chill and fun to work with. Cashiers too. I learned a lot from teams about customer service.

Points positifs

Meals on shifts. Insurance Benefits. Great team lead.

Points négatifs

Poor management. Bullies on shift.
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Good university to attend as a student

Good university to attend as a student and there are a lot of things you could learn while you are there. I am not too sure what it would be like working there though.
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Since Implementing a new ERP System work culture has dropped significantly

Used to be a great place to work but with the implementation of a new ERP system the staff are now overworked and knowing that the new system costs will result in massive layoffs staff have become defensive and unwilling to take ownership. Toxic environment.
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