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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Kool-Aid Drinkers

Too many managers who aren't good leaders want you to drink the Kool-Aid and protect each other from getting found out how bad they actually are. (They all cheat behind their spouses) when abroad on conventions).
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Work environment is fun

There are pros and cons in working at united rentals. If company is doing bad, seen layoffs were coming, but if company was doing good, then we were safe.
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Very depressing

Do not pay as agreed. Constant pushing no job security. HR will not talk to employees to give us awnsers as to why our income has been reduced. Very poor company to work for

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Points négatifs

Low pay
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Great location to work, Management will smile in you Face and talk behind.

I worked a united rentals for a little over a year. In that time I had no safety violations of write ups of any kind. I got along with my dispatcher, supervisor and co-workers. I worked overtime when i was asked to did all my tasks. I had 1 incident JUST 1 and they fired me. First of all ive never been fired before and it is a horrible feeling. But in this situation. There was no chance to personally explain anything. The company felt that the camera footage was enough to terminate my employment without an me being able to speak to someone making decisions on the fate of my job. And this process took 2 stressful days in which i was not told of what was going on and honesty from management regarding the situation was absent. When applying for this position make sure you read and understand that you are basicly expected to be a robot and if you arent and you make a human mistake it could cost you your job. If you can manage corperate dog do-do this location is a good one to work at. Just watch your back around management because one day there may be a knife in it.

Points positifs

yeah free lunches...there way of trying to show they care

Points négatifs

mindless management, no help, management over management
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Run Away.

Too many chefs but no one knows how to cook. Meetings about meetings. Metrics Driven. It’s basically an acquisition company to make money for their investors and don’t really care about their client base especially small business or Film

Points positifs

I Left

Points négatifs

Too many to list.
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Great employees but management is poor

I liked working there at first but that didn'tlast too long, good thing the drivers were nice. they say they like to people go up in the company but if they already have someone in mind for a position, they'll still make you waste your time on tests. Too many bosses.

Points positifs

Free lunches
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No help from upper management

Always under stress they threaten your job,very high turnover in management ,they have no loyalty to there workers unless you suck up to management at branch level and upper , most times employees are looking for other employment . Management feels like United is the only game in town and insists that employees bad mouth other rental company's in the area and feel if they can take employees from other company's with not intention of keeping those employees long term

Points positifs

Not many but work boots and stress

Points négatifs

Being oncall as punishmint
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Good management, employees where always helpful when I needed advice

Good work/life balance schedule. Employees where helpful. As a class 1 driver some delivery’s didn’t go so good then your pressed for time.Didn’t like the biometric finger printing time clock Sometimes hydraulic equipment didn’t work property eg. winch.

Points positifs

Good work life balance decent pay

Points négatifs

Sometimes poor planning for pickup and delivery’s
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You are just a number

Upper management dictates goals that are near impossible to achieve. Hard to advance if you don't hit it off with certain people. Company is American and most of the programs and goals are U.S. related, it is like Canada is an afterthought.

Points positifs

Good benefits. RRSP match

Points négatifs

Expected to just shut up and follow orders
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Choose the right location

Overall very tiring days and very unappreciative attitude from the staff toward other workers. They care about how fast the work is done, but the collaboration to make it happen is not there. Left on your own to figure it out most of the time. Dangerous environment and bypassed security procedures could leave you dead at the end of the day Choose the right location

Points positifs

Good pay, Sick days, Free coffee

Points négatifs

Long hours, Weekend over-time, Un-collaborative staff, Behavioral issues on the work place
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United rentals kamloops

Amazing place to work. All around great guys, always willing to go above and beyond for coworkers and customers. I've learned alot from them while working there. Unfortunate things happen but would always go back to work for them if the opportunity came
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Great company to work for.

Planning on building a long term career at United Rentals due to such a positive work environment as well as display of passion and care for both employees and customers.
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Patron exceptionnel

C'est bien manque de gestion logistique Travaille de cour fréquent
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Large company

Large rental company with many branches. Good teamwork employer. Large variety of equipment to learn about. Good opportunity for training in many locations.
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Didn’t hate it

I was lucky enough to have a great branch manager that offset the company. Pay was decent enough, but zero training and a broken apprenticeship system. I spent 3 years as a first year apprentice .
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Worked as a propane driver, operator

Worked for 2 consecutive winters, laid off in spring, knowledge of city helps you complete deliveries fast. Bosses were awesome to work for..company phone gps not accurate when I worked there. Used my own phone to find addresses

Points positifs

Mandatory lunch breaks

Points négatifs

Laid off in spring
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good company to work for - offers lots of growth and opportunity. Pays employees a fair wage for living in BC. Great benefits package and rrsp sharing options.
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great company

I loved my time there.It is a great company with great benefits. I would recommend to anyone. I felt that i couldn't move up in the company and decided to move on.
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Succursale mal gérée

Manque de structure , manque d’employés, manque d’organisation par le superviseur et le BM . Toujours sur le stress a une vitesse accélérée, la paye et les avantages sont leurs seul force a leur succursale de pointe claire étançonnement
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Excellent opportunity

Very well organized company, management goes over and above expectations, look after their employees to ensure everyone gets home safe. Making ungrounds around the north where competition is strong
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