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Beaucoup de travail, dans un environnement adéquat, par contre ils n’augmentent pas le salaire selon ton effort.

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Je suis chef d’équipe, mon travail s’est de donner des tâches aux employés et m’assurer que tout le monde fait ce qui a faire pour atteindre le but de la journée. Le Manager doit remplir c’est tâches de bureau, et il aide à gérer le plancher aussi.

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30 % de rabais pour les achats employés

Points négatifs

Ne valeur pas l’effort des personnes, et n’augmente pas le salaire en conséquence
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its ok place to work! made friends

Working at Uniqlo during the Christmas season was initially a whirlwind of excitement. I forged strong friendships with my colleagues, bonding over shared tasks and the festive atmosphere. However, as time passed, the dynamics shifted, and I found myself losing touch with these friends. Conflicts emerged, and misunderstandings strained our relationships, impacting both my work environment and personal well-being. Despite the challenges, this experience taught me valuable lessons in communication and resilience. I learned the importance of setting boundaries and navigating workplace relationships with professionalism. While the loss of these friendships was difficult, I found solace in my ability to adapt and grow from the experience. Moving forward, I'm committed to fostering healthy relationships in both my personal and professional life, knowing that challenges can serve as catalysts for personal growth.

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It wasn’t like the BEST OUT OF BEST but still it was some what good experience and had good chance to learn and grow

What is the best part of working at the company?Co workers team work and friendly environment What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Management, over work, not treated well as how everyone deserves What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Japanese style, not too strict but some dressing code rules and some unspoken rules are very Japanese and asian style What is a typical day like for you at the company?You are very busy even though store isn’t busy you have so much things to do and very short time target due to under staff
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Alot of work

the people are amazing. Its alot of work tho, way above what you get payed. You get pressured ti finish your tasks or you cant go home. No one enjoys working there. By 6 months 4 managers quit .
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It can be tough some times when it is busy and it is a pretty strict environment to work in, but good place to build your career. There are promotion exams
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  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
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Miserable. Terribly high standards.

Every day we were understaffed and overworked. Employees are expected to do 2 jobs at once AND be available for customers. Nightly OT on top of 9 hour shifts. When OT was no longer allowed at my store, some people were forced to clock out and continue working. They'd make 2+ people spend the entire shift making things look PERFECT for the weekly visit from regional, and we were consistently graded low despite our best efforts. Despite the low grades, the endlessly growing pile of go-backs and unpackaged stock in the back room, we were refused more hours. They took away everything that made our jobs a little easier & effective because it "didn't look good" - EX: having a rack for gobacks in the fitting room.

Points négatifs

Long hours. Expects perfection.
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Great for first job

The job is great for a first job. The training is good and the people there are nice. Iffy managers at time but for the most part, it is good. Learn about the various aspects of retail business./
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Poor leadership team

The management is super strict about everything. If they don’t like you, they’ll keep bugging you all day. You have no flexibility on you schedule and hours. You’ll get 32-40 hours a week and 9 hours shift with two 30min breaks. 8 hours of continuous standing without any break. Management keeps track of every single detail- Your speed, location in the store, etc. Only good for people looking for a full-time role but the jib itself is very draining-Physically and MentallyThe only good manager is the Store Manager who extremely polite and have really friendly attitude.
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fun workplace

long working hours with unpaid break.Management will help you if you want to change your role or has any work related problems. hardest part is to stand continuously for 9 hours but you will enjoy if you have good co workers.
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Easy job but no growth opportunities

Very simple and easy job. Been there for over 2 years and the real rewarding part is the people that work there because you usually have the same thoughts when it comes to the company and management. That being said, management is not well trained. Sometimes it's their fault but also it's just the company culture (Japanese, eastern culture mindset) in which they expect the culture from Japan to translate to western society. There's really no opportunities for growth internally unless you're an external hire.
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Decent workplace

i've worked several retail jobs in the past and uniqlo was the most enjoyable because of the co-workers. however, do expect then to overwork you sometimes
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Nice coworkers

You can meet nice ans friendly cowokers and keep in touch.You can get good experience.But it is hard then other retaile store. if management doesn't care about you, you can't grow up and same payment for long time.
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Great people, horrible management and mediocre HR

The job overall teaches you great work ethic that you can take with you in future careers. Gave me the chance to try things I'd never done before and opportunities to take on leadership roles. Management was AMAZING for the first 1.5 years I worked there, I was quite sad when they left. Since management is moved around often, you face the chance to get rough ones, hence why I hated the last 1.8 years I worked. Management was the reason I quit, literally made me cry on my last day and put me on duties that I had stated I medically could not do anymore just to show off to the CEO. HR threatened to hold my paycheque after quitting after a few months. Weird because they did not do that to my other friends/coworkers despite them quitting or being let go. Once again, my coworkers were AMAZING and was able to develop relationships. Work-life balance was good too, often went out in groups after long work shifts. Benefits were also good too for full time employees and the job paid a bit above minimum wage. Honestly would be a great place to work if you work part-time so you don't have to deal with management!!

Points positifs

Used to pay for the first break (don't think so anymore), higher than minimum wage, encourages promotion

Points négatifs

Management sucked, only promotes you if you pass an exam, you can't take home notes so you have to go into work on your only days off to study for exam, incredibly high work standards, favouritism is HUGE
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Good management

There is a lot of rules and instructions so I have to memorize it but good management and nice people. .
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A lot of work but fun at the same time

Was a good retail job. They have a lot expectations for the sales associates, but the pay makes it worth it. My coworkers were awesome people that made going to work very fun.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Manager would be unfair sometimes
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If you love to work great! If no…then no!

Compared to most retail jobs, Uniqlo is more challenging. It’s definitely not a beginner joh but you can apply as a first time part timer and learn so much from this company. You just need to be willing to learn and show some dedication! They’re flexible with scheduling and the work culture and ethic is really tight. Although it is said that they have strict policies and rules to follow, it’s not difficult. Any job would ask for an explanation for lateness and documents to support your cause. HR & management is very responsive and timely with these things. As a full timer, it’s demanding but that’s what you sign up for. They’re very transparent with what they ask of you in the beginning so it’s important to note this as you work 5 days a week. You can grow quite fast in the company with the opportunities they give out. If you’re looking for a job that gives you many hours, pays well, and allows room for growth, then Uniqlo is the place to be!
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Fast Paced and Team Oriented

Learned a lot as someone who was new to clothing retail. Every day was different as there was a rotating schedule throughout the day.Team meetings/pep talks before opening really emphasized the importance of teamwork.
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bad management

not good bad environment and this has to be stop.m the good one that i can see was the employee and true there is favouritism, you need to take a test but is for $1.00 more and huge responsible
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Opportunity to gain new and various skills.

Starting at Uniqlo was pretty exciting. Several skills were acquired and I had to learn to be well-grounded in all the positions such as Check-Out, Fitting Room Host, Replenishment, Sales Floor Associate, Greeter, Runner, etc. You will be constantly interacting with customers as customer service is the number one priority. The most difficult part of the job is handling customer complaints at the the cashier.

Points positifs

Discounts, Flexibility for Part-time

Points négatifs

Long Hours, Overworked, Restrictive Policies
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Productive but challenging

If you enjoy feeling productive at work and being on your feet all day you’ll love working here. coworkers are awesome and super fun but will get challenging if management isn’t the best.. very demanding overall and not the best job if you’re a student since they won’t fully accommodate your schedule unless you you in specifically the hours you want ( they’ll schedule you however they feel tbh )
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mid but you will survive

been here for almost a year. you make good friendships with the staff, but the work is really really demanding. you do get used to it after a while but man, they need to pay us more
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