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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Belle ambiance entre collègues. Mon manager s’assure toujours que j’aime ce que je fais et que je grandis professionnellement.
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great experience

I loved my time at ubisoft. Fun, easy going and challenging. Like any other company there's room for improvement, but I went back after I graduated and still want to
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Dynamic environment

It’s a dynamic environment but it misses clear directions. Too many decisions driven by the money factor and not the technical. High management doesn’t seem to be understand tech needs
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Good job

Good and interested job, you can learn many technology and various skills. The leadership is good, HR is perfect and response ASAP. The project manager will push you, this is only problem I feel badly.
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Fun and comfortable

I've been 4 years now at Ubisoft and I say that it's a fun and comfortable place to work at. I love my team's, the projects and recommend everyone to try to join us any time.
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Best team

Best team i ever had. I've learned so much. And you get all their games for free on pc and good sales for console games. I wish that the company listened more to employees instead of executives.
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Professionnel & fun

Ubisoft c est travailler avec des super pro du gaming dans une super ambiance et pour des produits de dingues!

Points positifs

Emplacement, team, produit

Points négatifs

Salaire un peu court
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Great company!

Great environment with many employee perks! People are welcoming and make you feel at ease. There is always someone willing to help you when needed. Also, many events hosted by the company for employees.
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Casual/fun environment

Casual/relax environment. Lot of work and conciliation. Not a lot of automated tools. Have to be comfortable with excel. Do not need to dress formal to work there.
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Can be much better

Need to improve its career scale as chances to be promoted are limited or not well defined. The compensation is not as competitive as the current market.
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j'ai aimé mais j'ai aussi pas aimé, c'est un peu comme travailler chez uBisoft, mais à Montréal le stationnement est pas insane
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Interesting place to work at

Was fun, but hard and fast-pacedMaking the environment in which you hold your performance review as comfortable as possible goes a long way toward putting your employee at ease even before the meeting begins.Imagine yourself in your employees’ shoes. You walk into a cavernous conference room. The supervisor at the far end of a long table tells you to have a seat at the opposite end. If you would be intimidated, chances are your employee will be intimidated as well.There’s nothing wrong with using a conference room for a performance review, but sit next to the employee rather than 20 feet away and do what you can to put them at ease.
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Management doesn't help you much

In my time there, if you had a problem, most of time it wouldn't be fixed. A temporary solution might be given, but no long-term permanent solution. Do not trust your managers, they will throw you under the bus.

Points positifs

Free games

Points négatifs

Untrustful managers
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Good place to be at since more then 10 years

Started at end 20s and been here for more then 10 years in the IT. - Since covid we now work from home most of the type (optional to be a office)- Good salary benifit now- Very nice work life balance (unlimited sickness days also if needed)

Points négatifs

Expect overtime (not paid)
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Gang de cheap ass.

Sous payé dans un environnement toxique ou tout le monde est en compétition, où les services sont sous évalué en leur demandant toujours plus. Les RH et la direction sont inefficaces et ne sont que des yes-man sans envergure, sans reconnaissance et qui traite leur employé comme des numéros. Les niaiseries que je me suis fait dire pour ne pas payer notre temps supplémentaire ou justifier notre salaire trop bas pour la soit disant prestance de travailler pour la "UbiLife". À éviter si vous avez encore du respect pour vous même.
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Quintessential work hard; play hard environment

Typical game dev environment with flexible work hours, but you are expected to put in around 10-11 hours of work a day.Great place to launch your career, but promotions and compensation adjustments do not reflect rising cost of living in Toronto.For a "fun" work environment, the company is very much bogged down by bureaucracy.Workplace culture is extremely cliquish and juvenile, common in many "young" companies. Benefits are not as appealing as other tech companies in the city. The hardest part of the job is separating work-life and personal life, as most of your colleagues will not hesitate to respond to an email after hours or during weekends. Not doing so will reflect badly on your performance. Also, difficult to move up the ladder if you do not speak French.The most enjoyable part of the job is working on a globally recognized brand and interesting product.

Points positifs

Interesting projects, cutting edge technology, collaborative atmosphere

Points négatifs

Long hours, slightly discriminatory towards anglophones, corporate red tape, juvenile work culture, lack of benefits, non-responsive HR, unfriendly IT department
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Unique, challenging and fun workplace unlike anything else

I worked at the Ubisoft Montreal studio for 4 months as part of an internship with the CRM team. As a software engineer with a creative streak and a need for human interaction in the workplace, this office was the definition of perfect: comfortable desk area, natural lighting, and a genuinely great balance between work and leisure.Ubisoft Montreal being a video game studio means that, by default, your work involves play. This does not mean that play becomes work, strictly speaking; an average day at work didn't feel completely like work, and that's impressive.The best part of the position I had was the connection our team had with the other teams in different departments. Marketing and customer relations are a nexus of graphic design, brand integration, data analysis and customer feedback. If you enjoy this level of interconnectivity, you'll enjoy this position.The hardest part (other than saying goodbye) was the holiday rush. Work hours became packed and long at the same time, and the stress levels can get pretty high. That being said, this is predictable and should be expected if you're aiming for a marketing-adjacent position like this one.

Points positifs

Employee benefits, amazing workplace

Points négatifs

Long hours during marketing rush seasons
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Avoid this place at all cost

They overwork you and they do not care how burnt out you are. They expect you to work long hours and they don't allow you to bank any of your overtime hours. When you do take a personal day, they still call you for help. The managers don't help you move up. They gossip and talk about you and pretend to be your friend. It's an awful place to work. I would not recommend this place to my friends or family. IAvoid thi

Points positifs

Bagel Fridays

Points négatifs

Overwork, long hours and extremely stressful.
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Atmosphère agréable

J’ai vraiment aimé mon expérience chez Ubisoft et je recommande pour l’atmosphère et l’entraide entre collègues.

Points négatifs

À Montréal
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One of the best jobs i have done working with ubisoft and its people

Working with Ubisoft on unreleased games was amazing as you can see the progress the game takes and how valuable your critics and opinions are during those sessions. The pay was great for the work I have done and i enjoyed doing the job.

Points positifs

great people, great job, great pay
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Culture d'entreprise et bel environnement de travail

Les studios d'Ubisoft Montréal sont bien aménagés ce qui rend l'atmosphère de travail très agréable et cela se reflète dans l'attitude des gens. Il y a beaucoup de services aux employés proposés (Gym, Ergothérapeute, Fruits, Bagels, Café Faro sur place...).

Points positifs

Beaucoup de services aux employés / Trés bien situé dans le quartier du Mile End à Montréal

Points négatifs

Consultante donc peu de perspective d'évolution.
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