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Rien a dire a part la commission d'Uber est un peu élevée. J'ai demandé une revision sans nouvelles .apres 6 années il serait raisonnable.Pour le reste une entreprise bien organisée

Points positifs

Accès a notre argent instantanément

Points négatifs

Aucun observé a ce jour
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L’entreprise est saturée

Au début c’était bon, puis trop de chauffeur et le courses de faisaient rares,

Points positifs

Maître de son horaire

Points négatifs

N’est plus rentable
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Good side hustle job

Pick up orders from restaurants, deliver to customersNo management, independent contractor. Hardest part is driving in traffic,Work when and where you like

Points positifs

Work when you want

Points négatifs

No deliveries, No pay
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Not a good gig job

Income is non-existent on week to week basis, not much to learn or do as it is a dead end job, nothing to do with management as we don't meet anyone , work culture is non-existent. The hardest part is putting in the hours and not being able to make any money, the wear and tear on vehicle is extreme depending on how many kilometers you drive

Points positifs

Flexible schedule, means no money when you don't work

Points négatifs

Unpredictable income
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very good

Grate job. Good pay. Management is good. work life balance . Working for Uber has been a unique and dynamic experience. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled, allowing me to set my own schedule and work as much or as little as I want. The app's user-friendly interface simplifies the entire process, from accepting rides to navigating efficiently.
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  • Absence de stress
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Environnement favorable

Sweat shop on wheels

Uber is probably the worst company I have ever worked for. The customer service is a joke. The company goes out of its way to make sure the drivers make as least as possible. Their map is constantly advertising false surges. They keep half of what the client pays and offer you a pitiful experienceWould not recommend to my worst enemy

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Points négatifs

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Adscrito f

Working at XYZ Company has been an insightful experience. The collaborative atmosphere fosters innovation, and the team's dedication is commendable. However, communication channels could be more transparent, and employee recognition initiatives could be improved to boost morale. The work-life balance is reasonable, and the supportive management encourages professional growth. Overall, XYZ Company offers a positive work environment with room for enhancement in certain areas.
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This is by far the worst compagny i had ever to work for , they always under staffed , two meetings a day of 30 min + 40 to 50 interaction with angry customers a day , the pressure to meet stats that you have no hands on , salary not competitive at all sadly that I had to do that job to survive for a certain period , some months we were only two employees and there is 12 desks for other employee but nobody stays they always hiring because they always changing employees this place will definetly makes you feel like nothing not even like a number , managers some of the worst I had ever to deal with they give you a smile in the face and abuse of you at work and send u home after few months when they hiring other employees , they not actually looking to bring more help in, they hiring to replace you because they know They pushed you to the burn out I’m glad I quit that was one of the best days in that year the positif effect I had on my mental health was very very remarkable

Points positifs

Weekend off

Points négatifs

Everything read the review
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fun place to work but is not easy

most people are nice and a lot of fun events are held in the office. but the job itself is very hard as the sales metrics are insanely high. Theres a very high turn over rate for this job..
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Great experience

Great experience working at all over Vancouver and specially north vancouver. Pay was great and overall experience with management was positive and uplifting
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Great and flexible

Get to meet a lot of new people but there is wear and tear on your car so make sure to take care of it. Also its flexible so you can work whenever you want to.
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Good company but unpredictable

I was happy there until I got laid off. Great benefits, able to work remotely. But for some reason that will still make you unhappy. And it is not management, I think this how it was build
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Uber tells a lie. There is no support Pay is terrible. Phone support is a joke. People are not trained on how to help drivers or customers only on how to put you on hold for two minutes and then say they cannot help. Driver pay is low now

Points positifs

Flexibility though you work all the time to try to make Money

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Do not care about the drivers.

Stay away! Terrible company! Company has a rating system that is a he said she said. No support for a driver who encounters rude customers who exhibit bad behaviour in your car.
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Pay is trash if walking

If your walking you can expect to earn between $0.00 - $80.00 for 8 hours of work. The pay use to be way better but then they lowered it without any warning. I recommend you don't put all your eggs in there basket.
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Do you think you are making money?

This company is using their drivers, by cutting around %42 of the charges!!!If you made $1000 they will take around $440 and don't forgetyour car and the high mileageon it. While, if you drove for another company it is only 350 per week no mor charges.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Don't deal with you as human being
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I can’t believe companies like this are allowed to operate and treat EMPLOYEES like this! It’s an illusion you’re making any money let alone break even at the end of the day after expenses and all. And then the nerve to allow customers to tip you as low as 10 cents

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Too long of a list
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They are using people

Uber might offer a delivery, let's say $7. You will end up picking up and delivering 2 orders, wich will be $3.50 each and will take more than 30 min. Sometimes resto doesn't have order ready, they will pretend that they don't see you and will ignore you. While you might spend 10-15 minutes to pick it up you might have just drop that order. Management is absolutely terrible, they don't care about employees and will never ever help you in any problems. This is very last resort to work there.
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Was a lot of fun, but the management was often unorganized

I loved working there, had some really crazy busy days, but it was pretty casual for the most part. It was a lot of learning and relearning at the time due to regulations. Sadly there was almost 0 place for advancement, and the management often didn't know answers to basic things.
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Flexible hours, work from home option, no one is micromanaging

The pros to the experience was that there were flexible hours, work form home options, a tech vibe where people have the freedom to roam about and do as they want at work while still getting paid. No micromanagement what so ever and people have the opportunity to do as they will throughout the day as long as they do their job. co workers were very friendly, the job was repetitive taking calls all day, dealing with the same clients, many clients didn't know how to speak English and very hard to communicate with them which could get very frustrating. Not challenging enough. The work atmosphere and life/work balance is great, can leave when needed and like I said you manage yourself.
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Fun workplace with extremely uncertain job security

Uber lays off a lot of employees so the one thing I would warn anyone applying is to be wary that your job is just a number to the executive leadership team. Be passionate about the vision but understand that you could be cut regardless of your performance.
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