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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Low payLong hoursDiverse customers, you need people skills.Insurance coverage.Good app.Great support network.Done discounts for top performers.Strict hiring policy.Great for job reviews.

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Good side hustle job

Pick up orders from restaurants, deliver to customersNo management, independent contractor. Hardest part is driving in traffic,Work when and where you like

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Work when you want

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No deliveries, No pay
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Never-ending app issues. App is purposely made to be difficult to use while driving and pay is always lowered.Uber does not believe in a living wage. Uber constantly trying to control the drivers like employees even though they pay no hourly wage. In 3 years, fee went from $4 for a single order to $4 for 3 orders. Wait times are increased. Uber takes no responsibility.

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Work hrs

Points négatifs

App greed difficulties
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Super low pay

I worked couple of days. Here what I learned. 1: too many drivers fighting for a small pie. 2: Uber eats delivery is about 3 to 5 per order, you can say $8 per hours. 3: very busy support line that can’t help. 4: app drain a lot of battery. 5: customers changes the tips to lower after receiving their food without a cause. Most the time you get $1 as tip for your half hour work. 6: no benefits for health and car maintenance. 7: money earn is pay your bills, but none for food and car.

Points positifs

See news places while driving

Points négatifs

Broken pay system
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Good experience but bad pay.

The experience is good because you meet people from all walks of life. But the pay is bad. Uber benefits hugely off it's drivers but doesn't pay enough especially when gas is so expensive.
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  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Absence de stress
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Environnement favorable

Productive however do not like policies on cars they allow

What is the best part of working at the company?Would not accept my new car after working there for 5 months with another carWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Unstable pay each day, not knowing. Gas, car where and tear What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Own boss, so that’s a good thing What is a typical day like for you at the company?12 hours a day and a lot of money spent on gas
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You might as well work a part time job as it would be infinitely more profitable and less likely to be killed on the road or by some weirdo in a motel room, also the support is non existent.
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Pay is trash if walking

If your walking you can expect to earn between $0.00 - $80.00 for 8 hours of work. The pay use to be way better but then they lowered it without any warning. I recommend you don't put all your eggs in there basket.
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ubereats only good for temporary

ubereats only good for temporary, when i started, they were paying good, recently not so good. you have to drive long hours to make decent money because pay/hr is not very good. expenses and toll on your car have to be a factor.

Points positifs

work anytime you want, easy but have to drive long

Points négatifs

pay starting to come down recently, have to work long hours, pay/hr not great
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Best job for students

it is a good job for students. you can make your own schedule. There is no minimum hour or max hours. You can take your break anytime you want. you will love this job if you like driving around.
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A toss up

It’s Uber. You either have a good location with a lot of order traffic or not. Otherwise you’ll have no orders, waste gas and time. Uber doesn’t pay their drivers fairly so you have to depend on tips which is unfair to everyone but the company. Seeing as it costs a lot to buy off the app anyways, it makes sense that good tips or just tips in general are few and far between. Most people opt for no contact but if you meet customers during delivery they’re all mostly nice but some people will blame you for things outside of your control ie. traffic, order delays, not hot-out-of-the-oven fresh when delivering to far locations.

Points positifs

Start and end when you want

Points négatifs

Payout is inconsistent, Low pay per delivery, Rely on tips, Parking for pick up and drop off is sometimes nonexistent, Faster wear and tear on your vehicle.
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It’s alright if it’s not your main source of income.

The pay should be higher. You get to make your own schedule. You are your own boss. The pay can be low, gotta learn when to turn on the app to generate maximum profits.

Points positifs

Create your own schedule

Points négatifs

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Not secured Job. No respect on drivers. Uber give first and last parity to customers not for drivers. Not secured Job. No respect on drivers. Uber no
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Challenging work and requires an individual to work twice as hard

A typical day at Uber eats requires you to get online as soon as you are up because the longer you keep logged in the more work you are assured of getting.
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Overall excellent , but need some navigation changing, sometimes GPS navigation doesn’t work properly. Customers response is better. I am feeling proud for work with uber.
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Set your own hours but no guarantee of steady trips. May be times of no deliveries or very busy.

Allows me to set my own hours. Wages are not that good. Wages are better than Canadian EI but worse than minimum wage. As an independent contractor there are no benefits. Average wage is $400-$450 for 40-50 hr week.
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Productive, relaxed

overall the Job is good. I've met some amazing customers. Sometimes its difficult when you need to park and go into condos but other than that know complaints
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Uber Employee chez Uber

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