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Driver7 avis
Greater Toronto Area, ON7 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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They are on time with payment and good with chat support. Your review may be impacted by your consistency and work ethic. I liked that you can alternate between driving passengers and Uber Eats.
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Get to meet a lot of people

Good job if you like been on the road. You get to discover different places and talk to people from different backgrounds. Too many drivers on the road now so drivers make way less money that we use to.
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Just wasting time working anywhere else is better than Uber.

What is the best part of working at the company?You can choose the time of work What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Expenses of my car and accident and the pain in my neck and shoulders What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Meet unnormal people and different attitude What is a typical day like for you at the company?Driving far from the city with out riders
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Convenient and stress free work

It was great to be able to pursue longer term goals and be self employed. There is a refreshing stream of conversation and social engagement and friendly customers.
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good company

As an Uber driver, I have had a mixed experience with the platform. On one hand, it provides a great opportunity to earn extra income on a flexible schedule. On the other hand, there are some significant drawbacks that make the job less appealing.First and foremost, the unpredictability of the job can be a real challenge. You never know when you will get a ride request or how long the ride will be. This makes it difficult to plan your day and can lead to periods of waiting around with no rides.Another major issue is safety. While Uber does provide some safety features like GPS tracking and driver ratings, there is still a risk of encountering dangerous or aggressive passengers. I have had a few uncomfortable experiences with passengers who were drunk or confrontational, and it can be quite scary as a driver to be in that situation.On the positive side, I have met some wonderful people through Uber and have had some really interesting conversations with passengers from all walks of life. It's also great to have the flexibility to choose when and where I work, which makes it easy to fit Uber driving around other commitments.Overall, being an Uber driver has its pros and cons. While the job can be unpredictable and sometimes unsafe, it can also be rewarding and offer a flexible source of income.
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Points forts

  • Absence de stress
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

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  • Soutien du responsable
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Sentiment d'appartenance


Uber tells a lie. There is no support Pay is terrible. Phone support is a joke. People are not trained on how to help drivers or customers only on how to put you on hold for two minutes and then say they cannot help. Driver pay is low now

Points positifs

Flexibility though you work all the time to try to make Money

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Flexible Hours Low Pay

Another minumum wage job.(Sometimes even worse.) Late nights, weekens kind of okay. But then it is not flexible as advertised. You most probably spend what you earn for repairs.
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