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Salaires chez Uber (Ottawa, ON)

Le salaire estimé est calculé en fonction des données de 18 employés, utilisateurs et offres d'emploi actuelles ou ayant déjà été publiées sur Indeed.

Avis des employés pour Uber (Ottawa, ON)

Shopper (Ottawa, ON)
le 2 juillet 2023
Self Employed
A Side Gig…. sometimes very tiring. Great pay during winters. Summers are real slow. Support is kind of sluggish. Base pay is ridiculous (tips sum it up)
Uber Driver (Ottawa, ON)
le 15 janvier 2024
Except flexibility.... Very Low Income, Too many drivers.
Good things : Flexibilitybut only rush hours are ( morning and evening) little little busy.Bad things : Too many drivers everywhere. (It means demanding is low, supplying is too high. and you can not earn good money.) Low income, even Using your vehicle, Depreciation of your vehicle. ...
Part-time/full time Uber driver (Ottawa)
le 19 mars 2023
very low pay
Pay is way too low to continue driving. On the best days of an average week the after expenses pay is slightly more than minimum wage. On the worst days of the week, it is way below minimum wage. if the customer pays $10 for a ride, Uber gets 25%. then I have to give the government 13% HST of the $10 so $10 x .13 = $1.30 Uber takes 25% of the $10 =$2.50 . so $10- $2.50- $1.30 = $6.20 of that I ...
Driver (Ottawa, ON)
le 5 mars 2023
Expensive car repairs. Not enough income
Earnings are too low for what is needed to maintain your own vehicle. safety can be an issue. Support is not as helpful as needed. Do like the ability to make your own hours.
le 25 octobre 2022
You're self employed
If you're willing to commit 10+hours a day, have a reallyreliable andeconomic car.It might be worth it!The plus is that you set your own hours and take a vacation when you want.

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