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What is the company culture at Uber?

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  • no culture, you are alone with your customers

  • It's what you make it, you are a subcontractor, they don't care how often you work, or how you work. I loved driving my Cadillac ATS and I love talking to people and visiting, so it was a good part time fit in the off season for a while.

    Super hard to get in contact with anyone on the phone or in person unless you travel all the way to Toronto tho, they don't help solve issues very well. At least they didn't back then, maybe it's better now.

  • Good atmosphere of team works and job getting done on time

  • The company obviously values customers first and sees their drivers as second class citizens since a lot of people want to get on the platform. previous benefits may be removed and if a driver gets fined, they're on their own.

  • Amazing, professional, pays salary on time

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