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Si vous deviez quitter Uber, quelle en serait la raison?

9 réponses

Low pay, more and more drivers every day which means less and less trips. U can work 70 hours per week and still struggle to make ends meet. Way worse than a minimum wage job.

Unfair treatment

Job security. You are your own business/company (not an employee) hence no pension benefits, etc. That's all on you to secure for yourself.

Soulless disgusting billionaires!Feeding off ths desperate and needy !! Should be run out worldwide! Toxic entity!!!!

Some Customers rude and cheap most doesn't give tip, but give low ratings for no reson and uber support it,

Customers complain too much

Bad experience with a customer or an accident

Low pay, embarassing work culture.

More dangerous now that it's winter

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