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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great opportunities.

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I have been with UBER since December 2017. They are good to me. I can work my own hours, and meet new people as well. The pay isn't so great, unless you hussle!
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Its uber

Typical day is Checking if yuo are using the right car, covid compliant issues. I learned to be adaptable to situations. Hardest part of my job is ensuring there are no spills

Points positifs

Diamond Perk 30% off

Points négatifs

12 hour is when you start making money but
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Driving with Uber

I really enjoyed driving with Uber I was able to pick my own hours and enjoy the great benefits as you move along. Working with the App is a nice setup but a nice Data plan is needed while your driving and the pay is nice and can receive it promptly on a daily basis

Points positifs

Making more money

Points négatifs

Deactivation if your not doing very well
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Uber driver

I enjoyed working with uber eats daily pay and roadside assistance are just a few of the benefits of working with Uber and great customer service whenever you had a problem
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The worst company

I was working for uber for more then a year and they deactivate my account because my picture did not much with my selfie and they did not let me know the reason, after couple messages told me that. Management do not exist you can not find anybody to talk. They treat you like garbage. App sucks to many mistakes.
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Little to no support for drivers

You’re on your own with this job. Figure out your area’s best drive times and make the most of it. You won’t make much. Don’t look for help or complain. They’ve trained (brainwashed really) their support staff to use very calculated sentences that say a lot of nothing. They are not humane. The best example of corporate bureaucratic nonsense I’ve ever seen. Terrible management, terrible treatment of the very people that bring in their revenues. Worse than a sweat shop.
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Less than minimum wage

Working for Uber eats, awful gains, waste of money and time , huge hassle dealing with peaky customers (some of them) , tones of fake reportes of scammers who want to take advantage of the company for personal gains and you are (the driver) the only one who will take the responsibility of others mistakes ( as you are a CONTRACTOR) Don’t recommend it at all unless you like to spend money on gas and your car maintenance without getting paid fairly and of course making uber wealthier.

Points positifs

Pick your own hours

Points négatifs

Every thing else
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Long hours

There are a lot of hours waiting around for a call. A lot of short trips. More wear and tear on your vehicle. Passengers can be rude, messy, and shady. Your customer may not be the same person on the account.

Points positifs

Work when you want.

Points négatifs

Long hours.
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to hard on your car

to manny car issues not enough paid milage very hard on your car no help to drivers and they do not give any bonuses or anything. Very hard on your car.
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Bad management

Multiple issues in all aspects and they will not let you make you a long career. Even escalating to 6 CEO's with a recorded phone call won't resolve the smallest of the issues you would encounter with them.

Points positifs

own self management

Points négatifs

pure bureaucracy
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Perfect for someone with a crazy schedule

Really fun and very flexible. If you do not have normal 8 hour chunks of your day you can dedicate to work or if you have prior commitments that can pop up "out of no-where" than Riding your bike for uber eats is the way to go.

Points positifs

Paid to do a outdoor spin class

Points négatifs

Have to do an out door spin class
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