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i loved driving for uber

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however, the maintenence costs were prohibitive and the rates too low. unfortunately I could not continue............... i may return one day..........

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high costs / low rates
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Fun work atmosphere

I enjoy working with uber its really awesome, great technical support and customer service, I really recommend this place to everyone , awesome environment
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Flexible hours, weekly pay

Good company and get to meet new people everyday. I make my own schedule and I get paid weekly on time. Uber office staff are great, helpful and respond in a timely manner to urgent issues.

Points positifs

flexible hours
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good second option but not worth it

I drove Uber for almost a year and since my background is accounting, I can say with certainty that it doesn't worth. Yes it gives you freedom and it is good second option if you want to make extra few hundred dollars. Fares are very low like bus fare. The main thing is people do not realize that whatever you get after uber deduct is not actually your net pay. First of all uber takes almost 45%. They say 25% but check what they charge to riders and what you get is actually around 55:45 ratio. Then you are putting a lot of KM on your car deduct that wear and tear, gas, taxes that you have to pay in the end of the day cant run away, HST lol. Believe me if you work 7 days and put like 10 hours day you would be lucky to make 900 and then you have deduct all the expanses and finally you in reality making 400 for 7 days. In order to make 900 you have to drive around 2000 km easily and after two weeks you have to change oil and within two years yours 25k car will be worthless. good second option but not an alternative. I can say with certainty that working for 12 dollars an hour is better than driving uber. At least you do not have other expanses.

Points positifs

own boss, flexible hours

Points négatifs

less than min pay
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Fun working place with flexible working time

Not suitable for a permanent job, cooperative management. I learned GTA in a way I've never experienced before. Working at the company is good when someone is between 2 jobs i.e. temporary
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Do not driver uber unless your desperate for $$

Uber is a corporation deducting 25% of the overall time and distance, additionally there is a rider fee. It works out to be 30%. Uber is taking away too much money from the drivers when they cover; -CAR PAYMENTS -INSURANCE -GAS -REPAIRS -CELLUAR DATA If you have a high end vehicle you can make good money, HOWEVER the maitence for those vehicles still makes it a minimum wage job with a high end vehicle. I would recommend this job if your desperate for money, and have no other option while seeking other employment. I have driven my car into the ground by putting 150,000km on it in a year and a half with no backing from uber. I feel ashamed that I did this to myself, but I am urging others to BEWARE!

Points positifs

flexibility, instant weekly pay

Points négatifs

car deteration, not stable, no long term growth
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Underpaid Delivery

They don't pay partners well enough and take a good chunk of money. They also are not nice. They also don't count the promised incentives.

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Your Own Schedule

Points négatifs

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Simple, Fun and Easy

The primary responsibility is to create a pleasant environment for the rider, and this can be achieved through a variety of efforts. My status currently maintains a 4.85 star-rating in the City of Toronto, on a basis of 360 completed trips. This job has allowed me to understand the city’s patterns and highly congested areas which could benefit from redevelopment, and revitalization.

Points positifs

Customized hours, financially and morally rewarding

Points négatifs

Potentially unpleasant customers
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