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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great side job!

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The pay could be better, since most of the customers do not always tip, so the base pay should be increased a bit higher, not everyone is interested, or will use the Uber incentives

Points positifs

I am my own boss

Points négatifs

Pay is not the greatest
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Flexible , Great Pay schedule

Weekly pay comes in handy. the ability to create your own hours, being able to use your personal car gives employment comfortability. Would recommend looking into further advancement.
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-this is a flexible and wonderful job. -enjoyable work area. -great experience with a new customer -great job for students -A great cultural job - fair salary
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I would say uber has to review the policies regarding the fares and the deductible amounts in general. Also they would deeply look after the support team in connection with drivers.
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Not worth it

Hard on your vehicle and customers barely ever tip. After expenses most days you won’t even make $10/Hour. Customers are rude, don’t tip and very entitled.
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excellent experience

enjoying my job and need jobs according to my skills.. good service and good guidance.. i dont had any trouble with any customer and i am enjoying my job
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Not worth it in Saskatoon

To start up, it seems easy enough until they nickle and dime you to death with the inspection, repairs and criminal record check. Then when you actually start working for them you quickly realize you make maybe minimum wage, but then you need to deduct taxes, cpp, gst, gas, vehicle maintenance, gas and so much more that you're luck if you get $1.

Points positifs

very flexible hours

Points négatifs

Not enough passengers for the amount of drivers in our city
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dont do it

dont do it,the wear and tear on the vehicle is tremendously outrageous driving nealy 6000kms per month and fuel cost customers at times very ignorant this is what we call a band aid job great for a few days and then run for your life lol..its economicly not worth it not in a small city like edmonton maybe in TO,oe VAN but not enough business to many drivers not worth it...at the end of a day it works out to lesser then minimum wage
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flexible timings

1)Need lot of patience , 2)you need to wait some times 1 to 2 hrs to get a ride, some times you didn't get even minimum wage 3) flexible 4) you need to deal with all kind of people
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Straight forward job

The only time the job gets hectic is when dealing with drunk or rude people. And also when you have to drive in traffic. Otherwise, the job is fun and interactive.

Points positifs

Work your own hours

Points négatifs

Difficult people at times
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Uber is Profesional Company

I am workin with Uber right now. I do not have any problem with Uber. But I want do my career. I did ver nice practic about learn city and learn English here.

Points positifs

You Can start and stop whenever you want

Points négatifs

You Can not make good money and too much stress
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Solid Company

Solid Company to work for. Ok su komoanija za rad, nisu savrseni ali nisi ni najgori koji postoje. Meni licno je bilo ok dok sa tamo radio i nadam se da ce drugima tako biti
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Great opportunity.

Can be a fun place to work,you meet all kinds of characters some are happy some not.Great way too get to know the city routes.Sometimes your riders get friendly vibes and feels like a dating site.
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Easy and relaxed job

Easy and relaxed job. Pays well compared to other related jobs. It has a flexible schedule and you get to choose your own hours. Customer service and support is awesome.
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As a Driver Perspective

Always meet with lots of different people from different backgrounds, and it makes me happy to engage with them. Mostly all costumers are pretty nice and clean people.
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Less than minimum wage

Too many drivers in Toronto. Wages equate to less than minimum wage after expenses. Uber will always side with client if there is a dispute and/or unfair review.
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Experienced Driver

I drove uber full time for 1 year. It's not a good Paying job specially if you drive a GAS car. You have to pay for your Gas, Oil change every 20 days, and maintenance or damage to your car. Uber pays to the drive included HST. Lets says you have made 60,000$ included HST in 2019. To get this money you have drive 8 to10 hrs daily. Deduct: GAS 40$ daily= 365 X 40= 14600$ Oil change= 100$ X 12 - 1200$ Maintance or Repair - 500$ Tires if you need to change to all season tired = 1000$ HST- 600 X 12= 7200$ Total = 24500 less 35,500$ if you drive daily less value of your car 10,000$ yearly. 35,500 - 10,000$= 25,500$ divide by 12= 2125$ for working 7 days a week. If you think it's worth it. Do it! And you won't get a mortgage or even condo in Toronto because mostly financial institute and owner doesn't consider uber income stable.
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Fun job but no money to be made

Gas and expenses are around 30% of what you make, but the real unexpected expense comes tax time. Uber pays you 13% HST on the entire fare (not what you make) so be prepared to get a big bill come tax time. That HST they give you gives drivers the illusion they are making much more than they actually are. This is a job for suckers who aren't looking at future expenses (taxes, wear and tear on car, etc).
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Overall a good job

Uber is good if you expect a fair paying job. Not the richest and not the poorest. It pays my bills on time and I get to meet very nice people. I learn about the city a lot better for my personal time, and I enjoy the app.
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Flexible Work

I really enjoyed getting out and being able to meet different people from all walks of life and being able to delivery quality service at the same time.

Points positifs

Good challenge for making extra money

Points négatifs

Communication with head office
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Lose money driving around for hours not getting a customer

Avoid UberSelect at all costs, can go online for 40 hours and not get a SINGLE TRIP. UberX can work if Uber didn't CONSTANTLY STEAL from drivers on every trip.
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