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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great side job!

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The pay could be better, since most of the customers do not always tip, so the base pay should be increased a bit higher, not everyone is interested, or will use the Uber incentives

Points positifs

I am my own boss

Points négatifs

Pay is not the greatest
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Low payment

More driving less money you using your car your insurance you paying for your car financing gas and repair.you can fire any time.you can earn little bit money with hemorrhoid and back pain.
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customers and uber officials couldn't care less about their drivers. The money is not good as it used to be. They put a lot of stress on drivers. Funniest part is whoever complains first will always be right at uber.
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Very stressful and no income

They care a about management pay. They scam the drivers to pay for themselves. You cannot go sue them in Canada. They use drivers as slaves while their management enjoys money brought in by drivers
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It's ok

I like to working with UBER but most of the time it is not busy. Sometimes it is crazy busy anyways it is not enough for living with out extra salary.
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Job security

It’s really hard to manage your expenses as a full time uber drivers in these days. They don’t have any control on the numbers of drivers, overall uber is getting benefit but as a driver it is hard.
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It’s great

I wnjoy being my own boss and Uber rocks it’s a great company and I get lucky to have a position as a partner and a driver they are polite and help out all the time when it’s needed
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Consider it for a part time gig

I was Uber driver for 6 months full time (6 days/week). In 6months I put on 65000km on my car, after all the expenses like oil changes, repairs, inspections, background checks & car payments it's not worth it. If I was to count the hours I put in it, I was making less than minimum wage. If you are considering driving for Uber do it part time do not depend on it to survive.
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Interesting and fun job for self-starters

I enjoyed meeting the general public and meeting people of various cultures was quite interesting Creating my own hours was very good Difficult driving in Montreal with all the potholed roads Some damage to my car cut into my profits, unfortunately Have to work quite a few hours to make adequate income, unless drivers work during surge pricing during holidays or rush hour Combining transporting passengers and delivering for Uber Eats can also augment income
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A good job to balance life and work and make a few bucks here and there

Overall good job, bad customers here and there, sometimes leave and reviews and you don't know why. If you want some quick money here and there and have a reliable car this is a good job.
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Modern Day Slavery

I CANNOT WAIT TO SAY BYE TO Uber....just a matter of time! Uber cares about one thing and one thing only. It cares about $. It treats customers a bit better than drivers. Why? Simply because they pay $. Then, Uber turns around and takes advantage of its paying customers with “surges” and other deceitful tactics... As far as a driver go, you only a number with no rights whatsoever. Often, when things happen, Uber takes the customer’s side and you have to waste time explaning yourself to a call center in a different continent that has no clue what is going on. If you want to see AI gone bad, work for Uber!
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I used to be an uber driver. Until my account got deactivated. Problem working for uber. The driver has no say. Clients complain about anything and uber believes them while us drivers get treated like slaves with no protection and no say.
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Good additional money whenever you want to make money but only if it is busy if not you have to wait or to look for busier area if found or in busier days as holidays
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All you have to do is drive

Your time driving can be as pleasant as you make it out to be. Being nice to passengers can land you big tips. Depending where you are in the city, can affect your passenger pick up rate.
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Good,but because everything in the driver ,we need to got pay more

We need to get pay about minimum rate,because every in on us .can the CEO of uber ,raise our money.we can a have meeting about this raise,because life become more expensive.
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Good for extra cash

It is a good gig to do part-time but your vehicle has to be safetied and it comes out of your own pocket and you pay higher insurance rates might not be worth it for a lot of people
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Very competitive

There are very many drivers now so it is hard to earn a living. Due to higher number of drivers on the road with Uber now it is difficult to earn a descent living.

Points positifs

Work your own hours

Points négatifs

too competitive
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Fun to drive all around GTA

Creating excellent customer service experiences while efficiently transporting customers to select destinations throughout the GTA safely and in a timely manner Handled financial records​, including tax-deductible expenses, mileage, and earnings for all trips Performed basic automotive maintenance keeping vehicle in excellent condition and independently troubleshooting standard vehicle issues Coordinated schedule to drive during peak times​ to take advantage of surge pricing
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I love doing the job

I love working with you bro I love dealing with public I love talking to people while I'm riding it's a good job for people that love to drive and get to know people
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Worst place

Worst place ro work at uber customers are ryde plus Uber never ever helped. Pay is very very low Mostly uber takes it 25% commission plua$2.75 from every ride that yoi do....
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Not recommended!!!

If you want to earn $200 a day, you would HAVE to get up at 5 am and be in downtown by 6 am and work non-stop to 3 pm. You will get so exhausted/fatigue. It will run up your kilometers fast, more repairs and spend on gas/oil a lot! NOT WORTH IT! CEO is greedy and happy to make a lot of money from you. They pay you 75% and 25% goes to the CEO. Never again!!
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