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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great side job!

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The pay could be better, since most of the customers do not always tip, so the base pay should be increased a bit higher, not everyone is interested, or will use the Uber incentives

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I am my own boss

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Pay is not the greatest
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Ride hailing

Give priority to listen driver not always customer is right. Ride hailing even customer make a driver rough driving, give driver poor rating, or customer rush, driver always rules, customer disobey , uber map is not accurate or perfect Driver gets deactivated customer complain, driver following rules uber navigation who to drop more 3 passenger. Uber pool.

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Working 4-5 hours per day is a cool job. One can start working anytime without asking anywhere. It is easy as delivering the food to customer without any interaction.
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You can work your own time. You are your own boss. Fun to work with uber.

I enjoy working for uber. It has fun and sometimes challenges as there are some routes take longer to reach destination. I learn from every customer new information. I manage my timing as there are times we need to rest and then go to road for safety for me and my clients. The hardest part of the job when the route is close especially in rush hours and the customer has an appointment to catch so I use customer GPS in case if our GPS cannot tell the quickest way to reach the customer destination or directions from customer because most customers do tell the shortest way if you request them. Most of time Uber GPS works great.
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Working with uber was great. The hours were flexible because you are the main contractor. There is no one to observe you however through the uber deiver app all communications were based there.
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It is a great part-time job.

You can community with lots of people and increase your social communication skill. Your customers are in different industries when you talk to them, you can learn many of knowledge in different fields.
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This is a job to combine with other activity

This is a job to combine with other activity like studying, work somewhere else. Is not a place to be for too long full time. Flexibility this is a key word to describe this job, if you need it and you're willing to kill your car then this is place to be.
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Too many hours for minimum wage

I worked Uber full rime for 9 months before I gave up and got a real job. The mileage I put on my car plus the hours I had to put in did not yield the profit I had expected. Simply put, this business model should work for everyone in theory except that Uber continues to saturate the market with drivers. This gives customers low wait times but gives drivers low earnings opportunities.
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Long hours

U have to work very long hours to make money Overall it’s a very good option if you have a job and you drive uber part time to supplement your income because by the time you pay for your experience you make below minimum wage
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You have to work hard to get good money

Nice place to work you are you Own boss good people I Suggest for every one to work with Uber to make Extra money. But sometimes very few costumes Miss treating you
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Interesting, meeting new people

Everyday was a new experience, which made the day's very interesting. I enjoyed travelling to different locations always a new adventure and would highly recomend it for someone who likes to drive.
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No money working sane hours

Too many drivers for the area. No control of drivers coming from other cities. Uber takes too big a percentage of the fare. Support for drivers is horrible. This is not the company you want to work for.
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Working with no boss

excellent job you are your own boss any time you can start and any time you can finish your work there is no stress in this job anyone can earn good money in this job
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Very unprofessional

They are not helpful to their driver-partner, unprofessional staff the 24 hour helpline don't even know what they are doing and email support is even worst.
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Work with desirable schedules

A typical day at work is driving customers to their destination in a safe manner while taking quick and effective routes. Try to choose route that minimize traffic and make sure the customer is always comfortable.
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The worst job I have ever had.

If you consider your car depreciation and hidden costs, you earn less than $10 per hour. The company doesn't give you any chance to defend yourself against rider's bad reviews. The company give you some incentive to control your behavior, even your rest, your sleep and so on.
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You have to work long hours . cost to drive your car is expensive not cover your desperation cost of car . they have to increase the amount of payment per kilometer .
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dealing with different customer

my dealing with different customer was fun, because i met different people with difference culture, it was fun and not boring . is very to work with different people
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Completely corporate.

Co keeps adding drvrs & this excess means longer wait time for rides, lesser income and job dissatisfaction. Even hitting bonus is made ext difficult.
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depends on your car

I worked at Uber part-time for more than a year Pros Good for side income 24/ 7 you work your own schedule. Cons Work part time uber eat for a year and a half they diactivated me that the selfie i uploaded was not me same selfie i have been uploading for 1 year 5 months and nothing you can do or say about restoring your account.Warning just do it for side income and never take uber serious they operate like a heartless mafia and sooner or later they will likely kick you for the fun of it its just a matter of when. Advice to Management I have always received a scripted email from Ai robot if theres an account issue.I doubt if uber has a management in human form
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Low payment

More driving less money you using your car your insurance you paying for your car financing gas and repair.you can fire any time.you can earn little bit money with hemorrhoid and back pain.
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