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If you are looking for a way to put a few bucks in your pocket quickly, then this is a good opportunity. Not great for long term gain, and hope you don't have issues, as their service support is only available online, and their reps just keep sending "standard protocol" replies without actually addressing the issues you are bringing up - you cannot actually call to discuss the issue, only keep repeating yourself and hope someone actually reads the full complaint. The pay does not really account for long term wear and tear on the vehicle, or the continual increase in fuel costs. Also, be very cautious when it comes to tax time - the report they send you includes all generated sales volume, including all their fees and their take - if you are not cautious with the amounts claimed on your taxes, or you don't have a good accountant, you will be paying their taxes for them. They are very pro-rider and any issues are always the driver's fault unless you can prove differently. I had one drive that was around $60.00 that the rider claimed was not him and they immediately deducted from my pay the next week. I had to fight with them several times and take 2 trips to their green light center to finally get this resolved and get paid for the trip - if not, I was out the income, and would have had to incur the cost of the fuel and wear and tear on my vehicle for nothing. The other issue is that in many areas, there are far too many drivers to make it worth while. I used to go out and be able to drive for 3 - 5 hours, with most of the time driving customers - before I left, I could go out - 

Points positifs

Set your own times, paid weekly

Points négatifs

High fuel and vehicle upkeep costs (cleaning and maintenance), no personal support as all issues dealt through online methods
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Ride hailing

Give priority to listen driver not always customer is right. Ride hailing even customer make a driver rough driving, give driver poor rating, or customer rush, driver always rules, customer disobey , uber map is not accurate or perfect Driver gets deactivated customer complain, driver following rules uber navigation who to drop more 3 passenger. Uber pool.

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Independent contractor work, hardly see anyone from Uber

Great as a side gig economy hustle, work when you want and as much as you want. Sometimes when doing Uber eats there is too much down time, other than that it's good

Points positifs

work when you want

Points négatifs

wear and tear on vehicle, too much down time sometimes
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Very stressful - Call Centre for Uber drivers

This is a very stressful jobs. If you are an anxious person then this is not for you. You need to be able to take a lot of heat. The online help at the company to help the clients (Uber Drivers in the US) is very poor.
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Job security

It’s really hard to manage your expenses as a full time uber drivers in these days. They don’t have any control on the numbers of drivers, overall uber is getting benefit but as a driver it is hard.
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Not recommended!!!

If you want to earn $200 a day, you would HAVE to get up at 5 am and be in downtown by 6 am and work non-stop to 3 pm. You will get so exhausted/fatigue. It will run up your kilometers fast, more repairs and spend on gas/oil a lot! NOT WORTH IT! CEO is greedy and happy to make a lot of money from you. They pay you 75% and 25% goes to the CEO. Never again!!
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Very flexible

The hours were completely flexible, and the interface was very straight forward and east to use.
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Long hours

There are a lot of hours waiting around for a call. A lot of short trips. More wear and tear on your vehicle. Passengers can be rude, messy, and shady. Your customer may not be the same person on the account.

Points positifs

Work when you want.

Points négatifs

Long hours.
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Working for Uber is not very committal, thus, there is plenty of flexibility. The ability to balance between work and life if exceptional as there is not a set amount of hours necessary.
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Great Job

It is nice being able to meet different people and provide a service from the comfort of your own car. It is also nice to choose your own hours. My mother is currently in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Having the ability to choose my own hours really helps me to be available if needed. My previous job had me doing alternating shifts so I really appreciate the stability that Uber provides.
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very flexible job

Picked up customers from one locations and drove them to the other. Wages are decent. Unnecessary ware and tare on my vehicle. Some customers were friendly, others were not. I would work for uber again.
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Great opportunities.

I have been with UBER since December 2017. They are good to me. I can work my own hours, and meet new people as well. The pay isn't so great, unless you hussle!
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Amazingly flexible... if you're good enough

Ratings system defends good practice, yet is at times is unfair. There will be some riders who will rate you 3 stars just because you didn't give them a meaningful experience and this is not how Uber intends the ratings system to work. At other times you are not protected for example when a rider vomits clear liquid: Uber will only reimburse detailing if you provide photographic evidence and this is hard to do when all the young child in the back was drinking was vodka... If you learn your city, you will inevitably find the sweet spots to troll for fares. In Guelph, during any time of day you can reliably make 20 dollars per hour if you park yourself in a competitive spot. The tax situation here in Ontario is kind of sketchy, I'm still not sure whether or not I am left stuck paying Uber's taxes on my fares, but this is something you should look into before diving in: it's not as easy as it at first sounds. As for wear and tear, this is real. Plan to have some money saved up for the inevitable catalytic converter replacement, and remember that no matter how great of a driver you were, Uber will drop you like hot garbage as soon as your car is older than 5 years. Good supplemental income if you're going to drive a few times a week. Potential for some crazy money is there as well. Also, surge is a lie. Chase the surge and waste your time and patience.

Points positifs

flexible hours, daily pay option, potential for big money, people are nice

Points négatifs

need willpower to actually make money, car wear, people are horrible
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it was a good experience, very flexible and efficient. i enjoyed working whenever i wanted to and engaging with customers. This job has allowed me to network and meet a lot of great people.
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Good for beginers

Its good for part time earnings. Its not a career oriented work. Its hard to save since one needs to buy a car every 3-4 years.Overall its a good experience if someone do not have any other thing to do.
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Fun place to work but it's called Uber international and it's a clothing company not partner drivers

Uber International was a great company to work for. People very friendly, everyone was as a big happy family.I have learned marketing skills as well as logistics that I did not possessed before. Long hours it was the hardest part and most enjoyable was people I worked with

Points positifs

every friday

Points négatifs

sometimes very long hours even Saturdays
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very flexible

its a very good job, the only reason why i am leaving it is that i dont want to put more mileage in my car.
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