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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Decent job, best as a side job

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Uber is a decent job/side job to have. Being able to choose your own hours and work when you want is great. It can be stressful at times, as any job can be, but since you are your own boss, you don't have to worry about having a manager yelling at your ear. doing it full time and being an independent contractor for the first time can be daunting, you are required to do your own taxes so make sure you save a portion of every paycheck. There are a decent amount of bonuses to help you make more money during rush hour times, but not much in the form of benefits.

Points positifs

ability to choose own hours, work in the comfort of your own car

Points négatifs

can be slow at times
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Good for extra cash

It is a good gig to do part-time but your vehicle has to be safetied and it comes out of your own pocket and you pay higher insurance rates might not be worth it for a lot of people
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Great job

Its good job relaxing anytime go anytime come be your boss make your schedule it's best job for know more roads and r Improve your driving skills familiar with gps
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The worst company

I was working for uber for more then a year and they deactivate my account because my picture did not much with my selfie and they did not let me know the reason, after couple messages told me that. Management do not exist you can not find anybody to talk. They treat you like garbage. App sucks to many mistakes.
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Good experience by dealing with riders

Good to work as an uber driver but the worst thing is when the rider give you a report even though you haven’t done anything wrong and uber won’t stand by you as partner
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flexible but not something for permanent

once signing up with uber you should notify your insurance company in case of accidents while driving uber especially an accident while you have a customer in the car. if you fail to notify your insurance you risk your clients suing you for their damages in case of an accident and if you dont notify your insurance theres a chance they wont cover you and since you're not an employee of uber, you're a partner, they won't cover your damages in many certain areas either. thankfully I was never in an accident but found out through others the horrors that uber can hold. cover your bases and your butt and you should be fine.
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Management is very poor

Poor internal communication. Staff doesn't listen or care. Total joke. I have written them many letter trying to help.... nada... there isn't a phone number to talk to a real person. ah, what else let me see, Oh they completely lye when they talk about your auto insurance. I have 1st hand information there. don't get caught by your insurance company cause you lye to your insurance they have every right to pull coverage contrary to what Uber says... Be very careful. Do it if you want but bet someone will puke in your car. OH but the good thing is they wont be back in your car.... Big woop. you pay to clean it. and you sit in the stink every day. good luck

Points positifs

no pro's

Points négatifs

someone will puke in your car but the good thing is the wont be in your car again.... big deal.
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