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3.8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good if you have a Vehicle

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It's pretty straightforward but need a mobile phone and wheels first. Sometimes promotion rates are higher than actual pay; overall fine if you're not working or cannot find anything more suitable.
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Long days and very confusing. Customer service is horrible and pay is very low. Riders are not respectful of vehicle stractes and dirt. App was very unreliable in finding homes or rider.

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Very long hour 90 per week
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Great time talking to people. Really learned how to get around busy streets and drive safe in high traffic areas. Felt I have really good people stills.
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Relaxed work environment, able to be flexible with any schedule.

Driving for Uber is a great way to earn money without the daily hassle of a 9-5 job. You are your own boss, and you can drive as much or as little as you'd like.
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Beware of riders that lie

I have been driving for almost 2 months was super happy had amazing reviews until I had a non english speaking rider who reported me to uber that I was "detained" by police when in fact I was stopped briefly I was not given a ticket nor did I even get out of the car. I explained to the rider what happened he was completely fine with everything. Uber suspended my account without hearing my side of the story and that this rider out right lied. I believe the rider who I dropped off at a local mall was late for work due to his realization it was day light savings and he was an hour late for work and blamed it on me being stopped by the police. Now I have to drive over an hour to a green light hub to explain even after calling and emailing support.
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Worst Help & Support

Started working as Uber Partner Driver in Ontario Canada. This company has bad software for application submission and poor process. After a month from visiting green-hub still unable to receive trips. Only help and support available is to call and the call center is in Philippines. The representatives are inexperienced huge waiting time and of course the best they can do is to read a few lines of general uber rules from web. Guess what any one can do that. Whats is the purpose of calling someone who thinks Barrie Ontario is in Pennsylvania US.
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Became a joke

So Uber has been in Barrie for about 2 years. Started it when I had surgery and couldn't work a normal job for a few months. It was a little slow but picked up quickly. Wasn't a bad job at first but now between the drivers from Toronto and Uber signing up so many people it has become a joke to make anything. I've sat around for 3 hours without any calls and I hear nothing but complaints about Toronto drivers being rude and inflexible when driving. I had to find other work and sometimes can still get some money with Uber when the gas prices are high or if the weather is bad. My recommendation is stay away from this garbage. Your gonna shoot yourself in the foot and Uber is going to make the profit off your time

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Toronto drivers in the area
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Some passengers are ruining this job

Most passengers are fine, but be prepared to deal with drunks vomiting in your car, eating and/or drinking in your car without asking permission, leaving garbage or spills in your back seat, etc. The feedback system is almost completely useless, since passengers want to see you give them 5 stars or they won't do the same, most complaints you receive are completely bogus (I got a complaint for NOT speeding) or so vague you couldn't possibly know what you did wrong (Professionalism; how is that helpful feedback? Car Quality; I drive a luxury car and you're paying UberX rates!). The support system is just as bad, copying and pasting stock responses to every problem and flagging the issue as resolved, when all they did was provide a link to their policy statement which has nothing to do with your problem. Most of the job is fine, but the problems can be seriously frustrating.

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No job security, passenger behaviour, rating system
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