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Le salaire n'est pas mauvais mais il y a beaucoup de choses à vos frais comme l'essence etc...Je conseillerais ce job pour compléter vos revenus à la fin du mois ou pour se faire de l'argent de poche.

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Aucun avantages sociaux
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Good to have it as a side job

Still working for Uber for almost five years. I Wouldn’t recommend this job full time cause it will drain you and destroy your car. Also wouldn’t recommend it to a family man/woman because some days you work long hours you will spend little time with family. As part time this job is good because if you’re short on your full time pay, you can make it up doing a few hours with Uber. I recommend a new vehicle to start that way the warranty can take care of engine or transmission problems. The pay is not great which is why you need to learn the popular areas in the city instead of driving around wasting gas and tear on your vehicle. You need to be good at talking to people and very patient to gain good ratings.
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Uber eats keep cutting fares for drivers

Working for Uber eats feel more teeth grinding more and more every day ,why? Fares been cut again distance to deliver has no limits , they send me no Less than 10 km average pay $10 including tip and coming back 10 km empty .So $10 for 20 km driving minivan with this gas prices is same as working for free .Not worth it overall

Points positifs

Make own time freedom

Points négatifs

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It is fun because you get to drive around to different places.

It’s a grind. You have to be disciplined and just keep going until you finish your shift. Gas prices are not helping. But you just have to keep going and think positive.

Points positifs

Work life balance is good.

Points négatifs

Pay is low but if you grind you can get a decent amount.
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Wastage of time

Uber pay is less than minimum wage. If you calculate after all expenses like gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, vehicle depreciation, tax your earnings are around 10$/hr. Uber support don’t know anything about documents if system didn’t approve your document you have to wait 4-5 month to get approved. Other taxi companies pay is double better try them.
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i worked on my own wth little inaction with other employees

Totally dissatisfied and disgusted with remuneration. I left feeling I was scammed and suspcious Uber was fiddling with my tips.Flexible working hours and my independence were the things I valued most. Dealing with Uber head office on the phone in setting disputes most times took way too long.

Points positifs

Flexible working hours.

Points négatifs

Remuneration. I was paid less than the price of a coffee on many deliveries. It was insulting
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Fun sometimes

Low base pay, without the tips nothing gained. Custumer must understand that picking up their order takes time. Most of the time, we wait for the orders to be ready.
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Its a ok work

The work is literally all driving if you can drive for long periods of times and dont mind having people sit in your car its a great job for mostly side job but if u grind hard enough u can have a full time living out of it.
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Environnement du travail

Travailleur pour Uber Que se soit livreurs ou bien chauffeurs On a aucun droit Service et support minable On est pas protégés Le restaurant peut vous insulter et il n’aura aucun impact c’est vraiment inhumain de travailler chez UberC’est esclavage moderne Aucune considération et respect pour le livreur ou bien le chauffeur

Points négatifs

Aucune considération ni respect envers les livreurs ou bien les chauffeurs
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Good company

Good company to be a driver, but the pays is not very good. especially with the new gas prices and pandemic. good to be as a side work but not the main job.
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A horrible place to work with your car

They will ask you to complete paperwork, vehicle safety which cost $100 and then they just want you to do Uber eats for nothing, $3 or $4 a shot . Would you use a car or SUV worth $35000 to do this nonsense. Customer representatives will mislead through their bones to push you into food delivery because they don't have ride sharing customers.

Points négatifs

Everything imaginable
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This job was fun at first but the toll it took on my car was ridiculous. I had to get a new car and would never do ubering again. I also learned over time that the passengers are very disrespectful of the Uber drivers and their cars. I was even struck by a rider. I was charged for Tolls and Uber never paid me back for them. If you think you might want to be an Uber driver, DON'T.
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Good job mangmanet hours

its good because u can make your own work hours but sometimes they pay is not the best. Sometimes customers are rude and you have to deal with it because " the customer is always right "
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Flexible but low pay.

You can set your own schedule and go online or off whenever you like but the pay is very low and there is not enough demand. Uber needs to pay atleast minimum wage to retain drivers. You will be waiting on trips for a long time and you wont break minimum wage an hour most of the time.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Very Low Pay
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Good flexibility for working hours

The flexibility of choosing your own schedule is one of the main perks of the job. The pay is not the best especially with high gas prices. You do get to meet a lot of interesting people and have some great conversations although some customers can be very rude and demanding.
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I don't have anything further to say.

I don't have anything further to say except, the pay is lousy and they do not care about their employees. I have stated my opinion. I would not recommend them to anyone.
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not a fun job

you will find yourself constantly competing with drivers in your area while making cents. people are ungrateful too, usually no tips. i dont recommend unless you have nothing else.
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Fun for a while

When you start off driving for Uber, you'll get excited as you start getting request after request. However, after a while you will become like the thousands of other drivers who can sit for hours without getting a call.

Points positifs

Schedule your own time

Points négatifs

Low pay, wear and tear on vehicle
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It a fun place to work when you know what you are doing.

When driving with Uber you get to control what you say to Costmer or a Rider. They may use it against you. I always do my part and make sure they safe when coming into the car.
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Not worth,, have to wait for so long to get any delivery which is worth $3 for 15 kilometres,, no surge, no promotion. Gas is high. They’re cutting drivers wages day by day. Drivers are volunteering for the company without any profit. Give Uber a try and you’ll get to know. App freezes between the orders. Customers don’t tip. Not worth anymore..
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serious lack in their rating reviews system resulting in losing great drivers

I used to work for ubereats food delivery and carrying riders. The only advantage has been the flexibility while choosing the time and day to work. However, unfortunately, uber has been having a serious lack in their system including they are not protecting their drivers no matter how good they are because both riders and eaters having the freedom and power to input whatever rating, thumb down, or just false rating for no reason at all into driver's profile depending on their own mood, and that could be resulting in the driver might be feeling unsafe or intimidated by immature customer or kids who might not having any manner and no matter how good and experienced the driver we cannot control that.for example, I used to carry kids from their home to school daily , very much caring to them, offering them snacks, water and ensuring to safely deliver them back to their home or to school door to door then randomly , daily I found thumb down into my profile for no reason at all and when we inquired asking uber why I am getting that, they never helped to explain but they more encourage them to continue the review and mess up driver’s profile while advising the driver to make more trips to recover the bad rating!!!!. I ended up to stop carrying riders no matter how much was the loss in my income. Currently, I do deliver food daily and most customers are good. However, some food might be ordered by high school kids and they regularly giving us hard time till we ensure the food safely delivered to them but eventually kids are not mature and randomly could be inputting false - 
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