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Pas payant du tout. Tu peux travailler quand tu le veux ce qui est bien mais avec l'usure du véhicule et le prix du gaz, ça ne vaut pas la peine.

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Good workplace

Good, you your own boss. your income depends on your working time, but u will all the time at risk. Uber pay allthing, but now this time all the other things costs are high. like Gas, repair service costs.

Points positifs

your pocket depends on your driving hours

Points négatifs

if u work with uber in same other 8hour job type, then uber is Good option
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Great for side hustle and hobby

Gig economy work is low security and inconsistent work. Its great if you are doing it for fun and for extra cash but otherwise avoid this. Management and support basically dont exist here.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Support staff is a good as AI bots
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Good side huddle

Good pay if you put the hours in. Can work at your own pace and your own schedule. Good money is made of the weather is bad.Day shifts are the worse you don’t make much
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Fun to work. You meet lots of people

Lot's of driving and mileage, late night work, meet different types of people, start working at any time you want and finish work at any time you want.

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You can take your break at any time you want
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good side job

nice as a side job, but the job is very slow in windsor hourly earnings of 15 cad on weekdays on weekends only 18 cadIt is necessary to have a vulnerable sector check once a year.

Points positifs

pay every week

Points négatifs

slow jobs in Windsor
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you work at your rate

Its a great way to learn the city and how to interact with people, all parts of the job are enjoyable, the price fluctuations in gas effect your income
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Great side hustle. The great thing about being an uber driver is you can pick your own schedule. Great option if you want to make some extra cash on the weekend.
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Great experience as a contractor for them. I was able to learn a lot about the business and customers. The company is heading in the right direction and has a lot of talent
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it's a good job but not so much pay if I do 8 hours of work a day

work with uber driver is 100% autonomous, it is up to us to manage the working time and to make a balanced equation between work and personal life, generally the remuneration in this type of job is based on the tips and the number of shopping to do to reach the daily goal. the advantage with uber, that you are 100% free and the time is flexible, also we can collect the money the same day so you can be paid daily, but for the disadvantage that the customers are not very typical which pushes you to do more hours of work to balance, without forgetting all the instructions with the customers, it is necessary to offer a good service and to manage and control all the situations with the customers. especially to keep the vehicle always clean as a very sensitive point in terms of service.
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Ok to work like a boss

All goood it was great working for uber as driver. Pay is just fine, need to be more., no benefits , slow response from help line, you are your own boss
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Long hrs normal pay

Not bad not good.it is every day depend workU might be able to pay your bill but wi never save.flexable job but you still need to work long hrs to make living
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Good opportunity and freedom but low pay after expenses. Used to be better back before the pandemic but now delivering with Uber is not very profitable. Too many drivers perhaps.
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Good place to work specially if you just wanna be your own boss. Can work whenever you want and it can be a good part time. I would not prefer full time
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Good place

Get your money. Put in work. Put in the hours. That’s literally all it is. If you wanna be your own boss you can do this job. But you must have discipline.
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All right

If u have free time it all right u make gas money back that itPay out Mondays and unsavings is nice I enjoy pick up food and people take trips .......
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great hours at your on pace and time

work by yourself with no one pushing you.Pay is up to you .Ability to make good money but you beat your car up and with the price od gas its not really worth it.
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Your hours are your own. Tips are good

Gas is expensive tho. Overall I would say it is a good way for a 19 year old to make money driving his dad’s car . If you have to pay for brakes, shocks and gas it isNot
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Taxi uber

Il sont correctes comme entreprise l'état est vraiment normalisé
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Low price

Low price.While the price of everything is rising in the country, only the money earned by the uber driver is decreasing.The reward for serving in traffic for hours in danger should be more. but uber doesn't care about drivers.
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They are an absolute parasite

You may not have a boss, you may have a flexible work arrangement on paper, but zoom out for a second and you'll realize that this job is absolutely not viable as a primary occupation, and that is what so many uber drivers get caught in. You only make money during hours when there are incentives, so you dont really have flexibility. You can choose to miss those hours, but again, you are not making a lot of money unless you work all of the lucrative hours possible, so you have to show up. Avoid working for Uber as much as you can. They have a 3 strike policy before youre fired, and you will never learn a thing about it. You might get a strike one day, and they will inform you, and there will be no way to dispute it. Youll have that hanging over your head each and every day. Only do this as a side gig.
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